One Major Step in Globalization In 1941, a German engineer named Conrad Use Invented the first computer called the OZ (towpath. Computerized. Org/timeliness=1941). It was a functional program- controlled computer. During this time there was a series of events recorded that entailed the beginning stages of computer use. Over time, the development became greater, one example being that one computer at that time would be the size of a medium sized room, whereas now, a computer can be easily put underneath a desk for use. The society in which we live today has evolved in many ways, through the help of the computer.

Today, you can find computers almost anywhere. Some of these locations are to Include the home, your place of business, school, local library, and stores. Computers are useful In many ways and fields, a few examples are: for schoolwork, for working at home and in the office, for spreading news, and for multitasking Computers are also very fundamental in education. Statistics show Within the home, computers can be used to manage bills, shop department or specialty stores, converse with family members and friends far and near via email. You can also play games, listen to music, watch movies and students can even do empower assignments.

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In the workplace, computers are used to create and compile invoices and also produce reports. Computers are also used to converse via email by staff members through memos and letters. Some companies have their employees submit their timeshares via the computers. The computer is the birthplace of the Internet, which Is used for communication and news. For example, a local kidnapping could occur In the readers area, so the reader can be alert for any suspicion people. Most video game companies started from a streakier that became advertised on the internet, and slowly spread out throughout all the users of the internet.

Also, fundraisers for hospital patients, technology that could benefit the human race, can be easily set up with the use of computers. Communication between people is much easier. From actually meeting them in person to logging onto the internet at the same time, computers have reinvented communication. In today's busy society our time Is valuable and having the convenience of being able to shop around the clock, plan a vacation, get driving directions, check your health or simply pay a bill from the comfort of your home cuts down on a lot of wasted time ND energy.

This avails extra time to spend doing something else of your choice. For example, If you wish to plan a trip, there are websites that specialize In offering low airfare and hotel rates 24 hours a day. You can also use these websites to rent cars, take tours or simply schedule activities. Some of these companies are listed as: Orbits, Traceability, Cheap Tickets and Expedite. Com. If you are in need of getting driving directions Manifest. Com Is good website to use. This website will prompt you to enter your starting address and ending address, print out a hard copy of the 1 OFF our health, a well known website is called: WebMd. Mom and on this website you can research symptoms of practically any ailment in good detail. It also contains graphical images for viewing purposes and allows you the opportunity to even share your experiences with others. So as you can see, the computer is a very resourceful tool. Computers are here and here to stay. Our society has become computer dependent and this device will always be in high demand. Computers have multiple features, including: multitasking, ease of communication and spread of news, working at school, and working at home and in the office.