Language learning through computer: Nowadays, computer plays an Important role In the student's life; one example can be referred to the language learning through computer. With the help of online dictionary software such as Lingoes, the student can expand his vocabulary within a relatively short time. The students may also make friends with some native speakers by using the online chat room. Sometimes they can even practice their oral expression through the Voice chat.

What's more, the students can watch foreign ivies and read foreign newspapers in the computer; in this way they will learn more about how to use the language properly. 2. Increase student skill: Computer Technology has Introduced many of the tools which facilitate learning. For example use of computers and power point tutorials is the most common technique used by the teachers to teach the students in the class. Variety of computer software and application software can solve complex tasks such as Microsoft excel allows the students to create large repository of data while employing various formulas and making graphs in couple of minutes.

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Various programming languages taught at the intermediary and secondary level such as BASIC, C, C++, Visual Basic among others allow the students to solve various complex problems which enhances their analytical skills. Various courses such as Management Information System, Information Technology for Business, Database Management Systems, and E- commerce among others all heavily rely on computer technologies to equip the students with the knowledge and information of Computer Technologies. 3. Knowledge: People who read a lot on the Internet Increase their wisdom expanding their creativity.

For example, students who have to write essays must have many ideas to evolve their thoughts. Reading articles on various topics helps students have the information and develop their individual point of view. This provides them to think creatively and write good essays. Moreover, students get their knowledge from news. For Instance, people who read currently information, which are upload In every couple minutes, have knowledge about newest events from all over the world what Is helpful with their studies and be active during class conversations.

Having a computer for college students is important because it helps them to have knowledge to write good essays and be effective during classes. 4. Research: A computer is necessary for college students for research. Research helps students better understand reading assignments which were them given for homework. For example, many foreign students look on the Internet for technical words, which are critical for understanding the text. They look In dictionaries or goggling to find adequate explanation of the words.

This helps students better understand the reading and do well on the homework. In addition, depending on the college students' major, they are obligated to do projects. For instance, biology students look for certain information for their projects like how the human body or code DNA arks. They can find helpful results of elaborated Illustrations and satisfying explanations. Because of that, they have better chance to be well prepared for necessary for college students to better understand reading assignments and be well prepared for projects. . Entertain: Reduce stress, communicate with friends to solve problems, by stimulating brain with several simultaneous activities; children as well as adults can increase their attention span and awareness to their surroundings. Cognitive games help sharpen memory, process information quickly, recall and organize their thoughts in positive and reductive manner... All the while playing a competitive game and having fun.

Conclusion: The five major reasons that it is necessary for college students to have a computer are research, computer programs, and knowledge. Doing research helps students better understand reading assignments and be well prepared for projects. Programs help them to deal with college's requirements and perform their tasks. Also, knowledge develop their creativity to write good essays and adjust them to be active in class conversations. At present, computers have become common source of exchanging thoughts and support for reliable information.