Thread We, as Christians, should study secular literature because it challenges our minds and builds our faith. God constructed our minds so that we can determine what we intake as well as what we put out. We choose how we use the information, where our thoughts go, and how to seek wholeness in our education. Our education trains us on how to successfully face life, and how to apply what we learn to our "life's real, practical issues". In seeking a holistic education we are also seeking God's wholeness in our lives.

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As we learn we are provided many examples of education throughout story, the greatest is in the teachings of Jesus Christ. We all know television and many other types of electronic media plays a huge role in our daily lives. We are not learning anything from many of these technologies because they are doing all the thinking for us. These electronic devices are minimizing our literature intake, taking up the majority of our time, and are stealing our children's childhood. These secular antipathies are growing more and more against our studies of literature and are drifting us toward having and being an illiterate society.

Literature is a very important tool in helping us to understand and to teach us that critical thinking is a vital legitimate Christian pursuit. As students we have to use computers on a daily basis for our education, which is using media for great purpose, but we need to start limiting our media use as well as our families. Reply Hello Robin, I liked your post and agree with you. You gave an effective illustration as to why we need to study secular literature. We need to be educated as well as our children, so we will have the skills, character, intellect, and knowledge to succeed in this world full of chaos.

As you stated, "we need to take responsibility for our thoughts and actions. I am proud of what I have learned and continue to be taught. Technology is taking over the education of our society today. The video games and social networking has stolen our children's childhood. We need to step up and take action to eliminate these technologies from our children's lives. Educate them to think, interact, and gain the knowledge they need to succeed and know Christ. We need to stop allowing these technologies from taking over our lives in ways of them not benefiting our education. We need to rescue ourselves from the trap of mindless amusement.

We need to stop allowing these secular antipathies from growing against our studies of literature. I know the importance of studying secular literature. My father in law, who is ninety, has never made it past a first grade level of education. He does not know how to read but is a very intelligent man nonetheless. He made certain that all fifteen of his children received their education, they all are well educated, and live by Christ every day. They all live a Christianity lifestyle. I must say I am very blessed to be a part of their loving family. Why Christians Should Study Secular Literature By Corroborates