In 21st century, people can use computer to do a lot stuff, it improves people working efficiency, the way people communicate, and make our live better and easier. Nowadays, it's important to become a computer literate in today's Job market because computer skills have become increasingly important as companies have started to depend upon computerized technology to get work done. Computer skills can mean that you can perform tasks that others in the work force aren't able to, and you are familiar with and able to work with programs that businesses use.

Also, people who have certain computer knowledge, they may get promoted to a higher within workplace, which in turn can have an opportunity to work on more challenging tasks. Even people start in a lower-level Job, they can get a better Job more quickly than those who doesn't have through acquiring or having advanced In computer skills. Last but not least, knowing how to use a computer can make your work done In a more organized way. After doing the research using the Internet, I found out that people wouldn't expect chef to use computer for helping them In work, but somehow, they did.

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Some chef SE Vacuum oven cooking machine to cook meat. When slow cooked food Into the machine, it makes the food retains Its original vitamins and protein, and no added fat and retain the existing natural sauce, and that make the meet more soft and delicious. Likewise, some restaurants pull In a machine which can help chefs to cook things like fried rice or fried noodles. The machine can repeat the same action, all the things for chef to do Is to seasoning the food, and the machine will run automatically until It detects the food cook thoroughly. That can help chefs produce more food in the same time compare In the past.