When I think of how the world might change in the future I feel pretty optimistic. I think it would be very interesting to know how the future will look like but at the same time I'm afraid of it. Will there be some things that would change my life forever? Do we still live on planet earth? Or on another planet? So many questions which answers I can only guess. The majority of people on Earth is living in cities and towns nowadays so it's not wrong to think about future development of cities.

In future the population will grow and big cities like New York City, Los Angeles or Miami will have one thing in common - their increasing number of inhabitants and tourists. So all they could do to stop overcrowding and to give people more space (which they need) is a completly new way of thinking about architecture,technology, energy, nature and even about world religions. But this "new thinking" can only happen if there will be more people with a big knowledge and a forwardlooking attitude towards a new maybe changing future.

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New York City for example is located on several islands so the only way to give the growing number of inhabitants more living space would be to expend upward and build even higher buildings than the ones who are already exist. Sky means space, space to build new skyscrapers. At this point architecture is important. With the future (which means more people) the buldings will get even higher and higher and they have to stand more tons of weight. So it's necessary that they're and the material their built with will be safe, strong and resistent.

It has to be able to survive an not rare habening earthquake nowadays. Also energy depends on architecture. For example by using a translucent glass front instead of an stone wall energy will be safed. More light means less use of energy. New forms of technology (like new ways of building a skyscrapper) are necessary to make it all happen. Besides all these positive aspects there are also some problems that the future may bring along. The effect of an increasing rate of inhabitants will be the increasing rate of crime. The gap between rich and poor will grow.

All in all I can say that I think it's better not to know what exactly the future will bring to me. Maybe there would be some life changing things which would effect me and my way of living. Everey day, every second, every step I'd do there would be this thing in my occiput. Life wouldn't be the same and not as fulfilled as it would be the other way. I prefer to live my life without knowing what the future will look like. Moreover it would be kind of boring to knwo what everyday would look like. Life is an adventure with lots of surprises.