The seven themes emerge from a study of human relations are: 1. Communication, it is a way that let people knowing each others and passes the messages or ideas from one place to another. It can be in forms of chatting, memos, voice message, email, SMS, body language, etc. To have a healthy human relationship, a skillful and “Heart & Soul” of communication is a must that how to express and share your ideas, feelings, experiences. 2. Self-awareness. It is meant that the explicit understanding of self with regard to the place, position and time and with private though. Self-awareness helps us to do the right things in the right place.

Better self-awareness can let us know how our behaviors influence others. 3. Self-acceptance Self-acceptance means accepting ourselves fully for the person we are. No matter the things we like about ourselves or we don’t like, we also take a positive way to face and accept them. If we can learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are, the happier, healthier and more creative we will be. 4. Motivation Motivation can be gained from anything in our life. It can be tangible reward such as prize and coupon, or intangible reward such as praise and recognition. The simple example in our life is that drinking is motivated by thirsty.

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Students are motivated by needs of knowledge. Motivation can cause a positive action or certain behavior to achieve the target. 5. Trust It is important in companies and socialites with team work. Some people defined “Trust” that able to predict what other people will do or what things will be happened. So, it can let us have a safety environment to make the plan to achieve our goal. In company, if the boss trusts their staffs, they can share the jobs or tasks by different people with different ability in the same time. Boss does not need to monitor all of the procedure in detail so that the outcome or product can be speed up to finish.

On the contrary, if staffs trust their boss, they will be motivated to achieve their target. And as a result, staffs would be given incentive or recognition. In social life, “Trust” is the major point in our social network, so that we could get help easily if occurred any incidents or difficulties. It is because we believe that we will give a hand once the difficult occurred in no matter you or me. 6. Self-disclosure It is meant that sharing our self information to others that such information cannot be normally known and discovered. Although it would involve vulnerability and risk, self-disclosure can deepen the trust in the relationship.

So that we could know and understand each other more, we will feel better about ourselves and our relationship when other people accept our disclosure. 7. Conflict resolution Different people must have different mind and thinking. When more than one opinion appeared, conflict may be occurred. Conflict resolution is a process or methods including negotiation, arbitration and institution building that providing a peaceful result in company or in sociality. The best expected ending is win-win situation that minimize the loss and maximize the benefits in both side.