What scares you most? Not only what just gives you a chill down your back, but what also makes you hide under your covers at night. Is it the shadows that lurk on the wall, or the fact you still dont know what lives under your bed. Every individual person has their own fear in life, but we all seem to get fears from our wild imaginations. Sometimes these imaginations can run so deep they can even live within dreams. A dream that you can not tell if its reality, or you maybe you just cant wake up from that world. Doesnt anyone wonder how people dream? Its like we have a whole different life in another dimension. To some people their dreams are what they wish for, but for some its the beginning to the end of a nightmare. All your fears , hopes, and stresses spring out in this night masquerade. The scariest thing about dreams is you may not wake up, or you do but you live the terrifying life of your nightmare, that is if you do not die in the process.

A light was shining in Cathys eyes, this was not unusual for her since she has been having very weird experiences lately. There were voices amongst the shadows she saw dancing on the the blurry wall. She couldnt quite make out her surroundings, nor could she move her arms or legs. Finally things were beginning to clear up, and she noticed a syringe. Her mother was standing over her. Mom, help me Cathy pleaded. Thank god youre here, please mom where am I?Cathy felt her heart beating faster, she tried to calm down but something inside wouldnt let her. Dont worry dear, we are just taking some tests, this wont hurt, said her mother said as she lowered the syringe. Cathy felt the sweat drip down her hairline, and the dampness on her wrists from the bands. Nooo..

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Sounds of tunes filled the air as Cathy flung her body up from the sheets. She hurriedly looked around, Yes Im in my own room! Feeling her forehead, she felt the perspiration like every morning, after every nightmare. Each night her dreams were becoming more life like, and harder to wake up from. Her nightmare was very hard to believe since her mother really could not stand the sight of needles. She wondered how she could dream something like that, as the stepped out of her bed. Her wrists throbbed with pain but because of the darkness in her room she couldnt make sight of them. Making her way to the bathroom she flipped on the light, and stood in terrifying fear. On the mirror in what looked like blood was the question, sleep well? Cathy dropped to her knees, and glanced at her wrists where she noticed strap marks. How could this be true, it cant come to life. Tears streamed down her face, she didnt know where to go, or what to believe. She grabbed a towel, and cleaned off the mirror before her parents came upstairs.

In a hurry Cathy got all her stuff together for school; so many thoughts were running through her head. What was this terrible nightmare land she lived in every night? After every dream she could scarcely remember the events that took place. Running down-stairs after cleaning up, she applied makeup and brushed her hair. Another day of Shadyside High school, a school where no one had real thoughts on life. Except about themselves, and making everyone who was not ( or as they call it)popular feel they do not belong anywhere on this Earth.

She had almost forgotten what had happened, when suddenly the phone rang. There was no sound on the other side of the phone, she hung it up. A childs song was running through her head, and she couldnt make out what it was. Cathy thought it had to do with her crazy nightmares. As she grabbed her book bag she got a chill down her back, and quickly went out the door.

All the way to school Cathy sat in dead silence. Casey, her best friend, stared over at her. Are you ok? He asked hesitantly. Im fine. Cathy whispered back. But she knew she wasnt. Casey wouldnt understand, he didnt have nightmares and mirrors with messages on them in his house. They pulled up to the school and Casey found a parking spot.

So many thoughts were running through her head. Why does she keep having these dreams over and over again? Also, why are her dreams becoming real? She felt she was going crazy. The school day seemed to go by slowly, but finally the last bell rang. As Cathy was walking down the hall, a sharp pain shot through her neck, and she fell to the ground. One by one flashbacks came, first of which was of her mother. She saw the syringe in her mothers hand. Looking around she saw an office and a nameplate. Squinting, she looked harder and noticed the name was her mothers. With a jolt she woke up out of her trance. Cathy stood up quickly, and looking around saw that there was no one in sight. Grabbing her books, she was going to figure out here problem once and for all. Walking, she wasnt sure where she was headed. Something was leading her, and she followed it all the way to the end of a dirt road. An abandoned hospital stood there, she had known it was there and it always gave her a bad feeling. Many kids have told her that 10 years ago it had closed down because of the illegal testing that had taken place.
Debating on whether or not to go in the wind that blew very hard, caused her to run up the stairs to the front door. She tried opening the door but it was locked. Being the tough girl that she was, she kicked the door with her foot, and the door swung wide open. Surprised, Cathy ducked because a bat flew out. There was not much there other than an empty room with burned papers on the ground, and a few dented filing cabinets. Cathy walked over to the cabinet and opened it. To her surprise there were a few unburned papers laying in the back. Maybe this is why she was led here, to find these papers. Glancing at the first paper it looked something like a doctors report. But there was something terribly wrong with it, the report read: Today we gave a double dosage of the medicine. It seemed to have a overpowering affect on the patient, her nightmares have almost killed her in her real life! Our goal will be accomplished and both Doctor Johnson and I will be famous. As for her she will have to be sent to a lab. I hate to get rid of this experiment but she has no family life, nor any guardians. That means she can belong to us. As of this day she will have a different life and name. She is too young to remember any of this.

Cathy could not believe what she was reading. Especially the next sentence; She bears the mark of her experiment on a very hidden spot, the mark of a devils doing. Cathys eyes slowly moved to the top of the paper, and before she could even consider what she was looking at, she jammed the papers in her pocket and ran. All the way home, she felt eyes on her, and what she had seen on the paper through her mind. Her mothers name was signed at the end of the record- Aurora Leto. Just the thought of her mother writing all that made her tremble. What would she say to her mother? This had to be some kind of joke. Her mother from what she remembered, always treated her wonderfully. She had to wait to get home to figure everything out, but what would she say?
When she got to her house, she opened the door and ran to the kitchen, where her mother was preparing dinner. Hello Cathy, we are having a dinner guest tonight. An old friend of mine, named Dr. Johnson. She recognized the name from the paper. Hes in the other room, would you like to meet him?
Yes of course, I wouldnt want to be rude she replied as she walked into the other room. A short man with glasses sat at the couch, his eyes were big and anxious. As he saw her come into the doorway he stood up quickly. Hello uh, is it Cathy now?
Um.yeah what else would it be. She said rudely. Why would he say now? Mom, I have to talk to you about something?
Well cant it wait until later? her mother asked. Dr. Johnson would like to get to know you better.

I dont care mom, Im really upset about something and I need to talk to you privately. Can you please come and listen? Her mother followed her into the kitchen. Mom listen, I have been having those nightmares and they are becoming really life like. This morning there was actually blood on my mirror. Im getting really scared, and I also found a paper of some kind that I think you may have written. Cathy pulled the paper out from her pocket. Is this a joke mom? It has your name on it, what did you do to this girl?
Well now that youve found it I guess I will have to tell you about it Lindsay her mother said angrily. Why did you call me Lindsay? Cathy asked.

Well, because thats your name dear, didnt you see it on the top? Cathy looked at the report and saw the name at the top- Lindsay Williams.

Was that her, she thought to herself. But it couldnt be, she never remembered any of this, or ever being called Lindsay. Well now that you know I guess that it is not much of a surprise. Her mother said in somewhat of a evil way.

Why could you not figure it out yourself? Did you not know by your mark that it was you? Didnt you think it was strange that you have nightmares, and in your mind they become true? Yes my dear, you are a experiment, I grabbed you from your mother. From then on you were me and Dr . Johnsons toy. We tried an experiment on you that no one would ever figure out. Unfortunately, they found out our crazy experiments, and shut our office down. All our humans were sent away to labs, but you were the only lucky one to stay. And now we can begin the testing again.

Cathy stared in astonishment.How could you do this? What does the medicine make me do?
Well we designed it so your dreams interfere with your imagination. Also, to help you predict your future, answered her mother. As she her mother said this she pulled out the syringe. The same one that is from her nightmare. This will have to be your life and your future, Im sorry.

As the needle plunged into her skin the thought of what this medicine would do to ran through her head. The last thing she saw before she passed out was the mark on her wrist, it had been there all along. It was the mark that could have led her to knowing the secret, but unfortunately at this point it was too late for Cathy.

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