What is Reality? What is reality? Everyone has his own opinion about this question. Einstein has mentioned that "Everyone sits in the prison of his own ideas. " (Einstein, Pl) This is why people always hold onto what they believe is reality, and this finally lead to the formation of a mind-set. In my opinion, seeking reality meaner choosing perception and giving up prejudice instead of what we can accept. The film called The Truman show, which stars Jim Carrey, tells the story of a man to the whole world. This man lived in a fake place which is made by a famous director.

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Everyone in his world knows that everything is false except Truman. He is the only person who has real emotion and he treats himself as the one part of the world, and believes in it. Before he looks at the truth, he has no idea for exploring, because he doesn't know any more without his life. This is the common perception for most people, as the director Christofis in The Truman Show states "People accept the reality of the world as it is presented to them. It's that simple" (The Truman Show). In other words, we must deal with reality as it is. Denial and resistance do not work on it. However, what we Just accept is not the real world.

Through his movie, Peter Weir ants to tell us that achieving the kind of real life you want is within your power. We can see that when Truman realizes that he lives in a big lie, he tries his best to get out of it. Therefore, people's own perception can decide the meaning of the reality. We can assume this situation in our daily life. For example, if one of your parent's is dead suddenly, there are different consequences after you choose your perception. You can accept your sadness and fear, which leads you to complain about unfairness in the world. The reality of your world will be cruel and disappointing.

Or you can whose responsibility, which reminds you that there is still a person who should be taken care of. The reality of your world will be grate and treasure, because you understand how important they are. Thus, your reality is determined by your perception and you can choose different ways to change, not Just accept what appears in your sight. Choosing the right perception plays an important role in achieving the reality. Another key to approach the reality is to give up prejudice, as Plato mentions in another allegorical world "Allegory of the Cave", which describes lives of a group of people.

They are chained by ropes, forced to face a blank wall. The people can only watch the shadow on the wall of the animals and people passing in front of a fire behind them. They believe the real world is what the shadows show, until one of them is released. He gets rid of the cave life, climbs out the cave and feels the warmth of the light. He realizes that shadows are Just the phenomenon of the light reaction. He comes back to tell the truth to his friends. Nevertheless, no one trust him because nobody can abandon the mindset which followed them from the birth.

Comparing these two kinds of people, we can find that the one can Jump out of the cave because he keeps his mind to accept the new lives, while the others still stick to what they believe. Human beings are seen as the top of the food chain on the earth because we have wisdom to find the reality. The reason the people in the cave cannot get the reality is due to the prejudice. Scientists have the ability to get the truth by throwing out the old text books and practicing new ones. They have no prejudice for any other and old theory. If one always live in his own world and keeps his own idea, how can he approach the real world?

Keeping an open mind all the time and remembering that each thing has its own value in the world is important. Once you get rid of the prejudice totally, you come closer to reality. All in all, choosing perception and giving up prejudice are two necessary factors to seek the reality. It's important to note that how you choose to perceive things is how they come across to you. (Soda, pop) What we see in the world should be controlled by ourselves. We should not Just accept what we see.