Create brief report for two Branded Microcomputers and server computers and role of computers in different environments. What is Microcomputers Different branded computer Function of Microcomputers? What is the Server computer? Type of servers in the network. What Is the Role of the computer In different environments? 1. 2 Identify and explain the mall purpose of the hardware configurations of entire Computer System. 1 1. 3 What are the minimum hardware requirements of the OSI you selected for the division? 1.

Identify a proper operating system for the company multimedia division & explain what are the main features of it are Apple Computers for Graphic Design division Advantage of Apple Imax 1. 6 What are the suitable Displays for the multimedia Dolls explain about the resolution, refresh rate, color depth etc. Task 02 2. 1 Analyze and document, the hardware and software required for the multimedia Division. 2. 2 Using "Computer Management" Window component option from the Operating System, Identify which actions can be take when customize the Operating System?

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For hardware and SIS solution) What Is Computer Management? Task 03 3. 1 Identify & explain the parts of entire Computer System including newest parts, you are going to develop a fully network & computer solution for the company with the price & Including server side also. 3. 2 Research and prepare a document to describe the New Systems and peripherals available In the now a day market which could be used to implement the recommended solution with network & meet the software requirement for the company. 3.

Make a TEST plan to make sure all PC are working perfectly and design small sticker for computers, which shows the hardware and software details. (PA. 3. 2) Testing the system Task 04 4. 1 What are the standard methods available to check your system hardware and configurations? The System Summary category provides a general profile of your computer.