What is management? According to our textbook, "management is the process of working with people and resources to accomplish organizational goals. " To me it is so much more than that. Sure as a manager a person has to carry out the goals of the organization, but it is also the Job of a manager to help change those goals if they are in need of change. This is especially true for front line managers. For example, I worked as a manager for a windscreen manufacturing company.

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One of the company's goals was to reduce 8,000 linear feet of windscreen per day (There is quite a bit that goes into producing that much material, which I can explain further if anyone is interested). When I took the department over as manager they were falling well short of that goal. I worked hard to motivate my staff to ensure that the organizations goals were consistently met. However, even though we were meeting the goals, the product that we were producing was far less than perfect.

I had multiple meetings with the CEO ND plant manager of the company to discuss lowering the number to a more acceptable goal. My main selling point was that if we kept producing less than stellar products our customers would return the material and cause more work and higher costs for the company. Finally, my concerns were heard and the number was lowered to a respectable 6,500 linear feet per day. Not only did we meet and exceed the new goal on a regular basis, but we also produced high-quality work and my department came the one with the lowest return rate out of the whole company.

Why is management necessary? Management is necessary because without managers there would be nobody to carry out the goals of the organization. There has to be someone that can relay the information from top level executives or board members down to the men and women of the organization that are striving to meet the organization's goals. Management is also a necessity because of planning. Organizations are filled with people of different cultures and ideals.

A manager helps mesh those people together through planning and controlling the work. How do you think management has evolved? I think good managers are more caring in today's society. A manager is no longer meant to be slave driver, pushing employees to work harder through Gestapo style tactics. Instead managers are now meant to assist employees with completing the organizations goals, while also caring for the employee's well-being. What Is Management By Evansville