Whether Just ousting online or just putting up a poster by the streets, the digital world and the transport technology plays a big role on how communication is vastly expending around the world, especially the internet which largely improved on how art is becoming more easily exposed and advertised easily. Many oncoming sites like your all-famous Backbone and the artist networking site Deviant, showing everyone online everything whether It Is good or bad designs, useful or not In anyway.

But are we capable of differentiating good design from bad design? So, what are the qualities of a good design? Is there a definite definition of a good sign? How can one determine if a design is useful or not? Does it really mean, as Rawson has mentioned, that when something is not useful, it is not a good design? You may think that a good design Is something useful but to think about it, we may wonder upon what Is It that makes It useful? So what really Is good design then? An online article of an architectural design based magazine, Metropolis. Ender which Peterson (2009) listed that Good Design is 'Sustainable', 'Accessible', 'Functional', Well Made', 'Emotionally Resonant', 'Enduring, 'Socially Beneficial', 'Beautiful', 'Ergonomic', Affordable', seems to have setup the functionality of a Good Design that is usually considered of by a design critic. This list with the design principles as we learn about works as we see today. Good Designs as we know or see today has most of the qualities in the list, intentionally or not. It is about the outlook and how it works for the individual or people, which matters. Take for example, your non biodegradable plastics.

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Even though plastic bags are becoming the new hate, being it environmentally unfriendly, as Rawson stated, it was once a good design. Who oldest want something that will last as long to keep your food fresh and still edible for a longer period of time, lightweight but enduring, waterproof and not as easily torn as the paper bags? Under mass production, Plastic bags are cheaper, beneficial (as to how it can store food and save your time and money on everyday groceries) and sustainable as it can be reused if one wishes to, thus it being a very ergonomic and affordable design then.

Another example of a good design is the creation of the computers. It is now advanced from the bulky desktop, to your friendly laptop and to your current smart hones and pads that allows you easy and convenient access to your internet where ever you are. Think about the days where one have to book a lab or rush home Just to use a computer, whereas these days where we can Just find a Wi-If spot in McDonald's and Just surf the net on your phone. How convenient!

More often than not we walk around the streets noticing signage telling us where we are or how to get to a place. It may not be especially attractive looking but it can still function as a road sign or a guide even without it having stylized text or a beautiful design. It may not be well designed, but it is functional as it is even if they are underwritten, provided that they are placed in places which people can notice, we still can get the information registered in our mind. But, it being actually legible or not is another matter altogether.

That is what differentiates a well designed signage like a green with white font steel made road sign from the one written with paint on a wood plank that may have the wordings bleeding and rotting after years to come. Then turn around into your favorite bookstores, as you pick up your selection of new novels, whether it being dark and fear or about sweet love, one's eyes are sure to fall n the cover of the novel that expresses the story most. Why is that so? Most of us are visual people and we tend to Judge the book by its cover.

If the beautifully illustrated cover appeals to us both visually and emotionally, we are sold. It has done what it is intended, getting us to purchase the book. As the Internet (2011) moved to Asia in the early sass, our network has been casting out wider into the world, people learn of new Joy and pain as their views and culture exchanges on various websites and online programs. Log into your to your Backbone account and see how many causes and fan page invitations about charity associations are there. The internet is getting our network wider reaching out for help seems easier to reach.

A cover story of a man of disability getting help on Backbone by a Backbone post was on KING 5 News (201 1), he commented about how his kitchen was on fire while he was playing a game on the social network, he got Backbone post that we normally thought nothing of can set such a sudden change of fate between life and death, amazing isn't it? WISPED (2011) described that to design is planned and constructed, but there is no clear definition to as what design really is. With that it suggests that is no real definition about good design, but what perceived by different individuals.

Like experienced designers may see a classic typographic design as a good design while an inexperienced audience might think that it looks crap and confusing. As the old saying says 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder. ' (Hungered, 1878) A good design needs to look attractive. Primarily, we are attracted to interesting- looking or beautiful things, like how bees are attracted to the pretty flowers. It feels good to look at something beautiful, like how Rawson has described that it feels ore comfortable at admiring something beautiful in things that are also useful, like Apple's gorgeous digital products'.

Beautiful things makes one feels comfortable, like a fashionable handbag on a lady arms, it brings about good happy feelings. How a design look evokes our emotions, which makes us Judge if it is a thumbs-up or thumbs-down simply at the first sight of it. (Norman, 2004) One is attracted to look and notice things under different emotions, like for example looking for a green exit when there is an emergency or how people notice a simple hot dog stand when one s hungry.

Japanese researchers Kurds and Mishear developed 2 forms of ATM (Automated Teller Machines), both with the same functions of simple day to day banking tasks at anytime, one with a more carefully designed and more attractive layout of buttons and screen, the other one with an unattractive layout and did a short survey. The result was that the Japanese found that the attractive one is easier to use. (Kurds and Mishear, 1995) Thus, beauty has proofed the importance in terms to making the design useful, as how the Apple phone designs are, in which as Rawson had mentioned are easy to use even if one does not have an instruction manual.

Now think of something simple. Ever have those small cheap alarm clocks that worked better than any big fanciful clock with your favorite tune that rings u awake with its loud annoying alarms in the morning? Often, it does its Job well by waking people up and getting ready for the day without fail. With its big legible lettering and glow in the dark pointers, with a small led lamp in case one Just need to check the time in the dark, though simple and small, it is functional as it is, being it a cheap clock around 2 or that it may be Just a free gift from buying your toothpaste.

A lot better than those interesting looking watches or clock that rings a sweet tune which lulls me back to sleep in my opinion. It is difficult to give a perfect guideline to what and creation a perfect of design. Even more difficult when what people perceive as good or useful is always ever-changing and viewed differently by different individuals. Clearly though, as I have shared in the essay, the form is as important as the function, they co-exist as beauty aids the function of the design. Ore difficult when what people perceive as good or useful is always ever-changing and viewed differently by different individuals.

Clearly though, as I have shared in the essay, the form is as important as the function, they co-exist as design do aids the function of the product. Finally, while we are now living in a time where we are increasingly being exposed to various arts and cultures, research has suggested whatever we have in our past, though we lack of guideline to making 'proper' or professionally done design these works has been our way of communication and still functioned as a way of life. Although it may be harsh, things had always been created and Judged to be useful in our eyes due to its form.