What is belonging? * Family * Social groups * Sporting * Community * Religion * Ourselves What are words for not belonging? * Left out * Unwanted * Alienated * Isolated * Disowned What is belonging ? Belonging is the feeling you get when around friends, family and the community. You become a part of their lives as you become apart of theirs. There are different feelings to different people you belong to, giving and receiving affection from Family and also feeling a close connection to a long time friend symbolises belonging but in two diverse ways.

But being isolated and unwanted can make an individual feel unaccepted, which can lead to dangerous situations like suicide or bullying or even feeling awkward when being the newcomer. The concept of belonging has been experienced by everyone differently from family love to friendship. 1. Belonging-Mean girls 2. Freedom Writers 3. Bend it like beckham 4. Into the wild 5. The pursuit of happiness Why do your selected films relate to the concept of belonging? * What is your point? * Please explain… * Show me the money! (evidence and examples) * But why?

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Significance. Mean Girls The film Mean girls relate to the concept of belonging by the protagonist Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) attempting to fit in by doing the inevitable. Being a home schooled child whilst growing up in Africa with her Mother who volunteered in educating the local children. They then moved to America which affected their lives immensely. Cady did not know the typical American lifestyle, and displayed who she really is, which causes an uproar with the popular crowd that consists three rich teenage girls also known as ‘The plastics. They begin to manipulate Cady and eventually she feels a sense of belonging, and changes because of the bad influence they threw upon her and also because of the need to be accepted by the crowd. Evidence- Burn Book- The popular cliche had a burn book which had everybody’s dirty secrets hidden inside and Cady highly anticipated . Ways that Cady showed she wanted to belong by changing how she would talk, what she would wear and following stereotypical examples.