Super hero is the hero of the fantasy role. Early in the cartoon shape, and later in television and movies have their original superhero. They have special abilities that beyond the ordinary people, the super heroes can do some unusual feet and heroic action, protect the people, to fight with the evil forces. Generally they will have a can represent their personality and abilities of gorgeous costumes, and the name of a same personality. One of the most representative is a superman.

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Superman was born in Krypton, real name Kale - El. When Face destruction in krypton, his parent's found the new home - the earth and used universe ship send him to earth. Spaceship crashed in Kansas Small Vile. A couple farmers have adopted Kale - El. They give his name by Clark Kent and dependent him to adult. He became a newspaper reporter when he grows up. He has an innate ability to super-strong sense of Justice and compassion and, often in times of crisis, they wear blue tights, UT on the red cloaks, incarnation of Superman to come forward, chivalric, save the world.

Most superheroes have the following characteristics: has extraordinary strength and the associated technical competence, proficiency related equipment. Although the superheroes have a very powerful force, but these forces are not the same for each others. Such as Superman, he can fly freely; and thermal energy rays emitted from the eye; and mighty. He invulnerability, super hearing, X sight, regeneration (needs to absorb solar energy), heat rays, cold air, flying, etc.

These forces from the star's light is yellow, but the magic, various colors krypton, red sunrays are Superman weaknesses. In my opinion the biggest enemy of Superman, no doubt Leg Luther is the only answer. He does not have any super powers, but he is wise and a persistent heart. Leg born in civilian areas by virtue of their wisdom boarded Metropolis top, he established Electro, he even became president of the United States, he was the son of the Metropolis, he is the pinnacle of a person standing in the world.

When Superman flying in the sky, when Superman took the spotlight of their own, although LEG is the world's most successful people he will be envy. Although he did not super powers, but he always used his mortal body against Superman, because he has to stand on top of the world prove that Leg Luther, rather than Superman. Superman is Superhero not only he have super powers but also he is the hope of people in the face of evil forces. Dual identity is a super hero with the general public between a safety line, as long as there is this safety line, the two will e able to keep at peace.

Dual identity revealed out of the division and confrontation, is a country beyond the ability of the public to individuals, but had to be subordinated to the concept of public morality and public opposition conflicts. So with superhero opposed is super villain superhero super villain is the other side of the spiritual world. Therefore, individual heroism is also the core values of superhero movies. Must be a personal hero superhero, is anti-popular. What Is a "Superhero? " By Acquainting