What Is a paragraph? A paragraph is a collection of related sentences dealing with a single topic. • Learning to write good paragraphs will help you as a writer stay on track during your drafting and revision stages. • Good paragraphing also greatly assists your readers In following a piece of writing. You can have fantastic ideas, but if those ideas aren't presented in an organized fashion, you will lose your readers (and fail to achieve your goals in writing).

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Qualities of a Good Paragraph: unity Coherence Emphasis unity is the quality of sticking to one idea from start to finish, with every sentence intriguing to the central purpose and mall Idea of that paragraph. •In a unified paragraph, all of the supporting sentences serve to illustrate, clarify, and/or explain the main idea set forth In the topic sentence. Cord Is very discriminating. She sees no reason to settle for second best, and she hardly ever does. 'Why spend an evening with boring people Just to be with people? Why not spend an interesting evening at home alone? " She'd often say.

She prefers old friends to strangers or mere acquaintances, and she will do just about anything for her friends - short of making dinner for them, which she does rarely because she ants to do It well or not at all. As infrequent as her invitations are, they are highly prized because she is a gourmet cook. Few people I know are as discriminating as Cord Is, and I admire her for her Insight and her taste. Later In the dusky streets I walked among the Navajo camps. Past the doorways of the town, from which came the good smells of cooking, the festive sounds of music, laughter, and talk.

The campfires rippled in the crisp wind that arose with evening and set a soft yellow glow on the ground, low on the adobe walls. A natural building material used for several thousand years, adobe is composed of sand and straw, which is shaped into bricks on wooden frames and dried in the sun. Mutton sizzled and smoked above the fires; fat dripped into the flames; there were great black pots of strong coffee and buckets full of fried bread: dogs crouched on the rim of the light, the many circles of light; and old men sat hunched in their blankets on the ground, in the cold shadows, smoking....

Long Into the night the fires cast a glare over the town, and I could hear the singing, until it seemed that one by one the voices fell away, and one remained, and then there was none. On the very edge of sleep I heard totes in the hills. 1 OFFS Derived from the Latin word "co" meaning together,' and hearers, meaning to stick. ' • A paragraph has coherence when - there is smooth flow of ideas (appropriate use of transitions) and,- when the writer's ideas are expressed in a clear and logical manner. Ways to achieve Coherence: 1. By arranging the details in logical order; 2. Y using transition devices or signals to link the thought sequence from one idea to the next; •3. By repetition of words and phrases to create a chain of associations throughout the paragraph; and, • 4. By using parallelisms or repetition. In paragraphs, to show emphasis is to order sentences in such a way as to show which is important & which is subordinate among the supporting details. • Usually emphasis is given to the last sentence which is considered as the most conspicuous position, or to the beginning sentence which is second most conspicuous.

Ways to attain Emphasis: 1. By the use of repetition & parallelism; 2. By proportion (important ideas are a given more space); and, 3. Or beginning of the paragraph) By position (end Advertisements for beer and wine should not be allowed on television because hey encourage young people to start drinking. Commercials never realistically represent what happens when people drink. They also employ unfair tactics, such as using celebrities who endorse the product and encourage their fans to drink.

Worse, these commercials suggest that a lifestyle without drinking isn't acceptable or "cool. " Finally, the strongest reason to ban them is that recent research has shown a connection between an increase in alcohol ads to young people and an increase in teenage alcoholism. -(Discovery: An Intro. To Writing) Jeer's fear of insects and spiders has affected her life in many ways. For one thing, she always shakes her shoes before putting them on because somebody once told her that spiders hide their babies there.

She is allergic to bee stings, so whenever she goes on a picnic, she spends her time watching out for bees. Even when she is driving, Jeer worries about insects. Every morning, she checks her car for any bugs buzzing around or hiding under the seat. Overall, Jeer said she thinks a world without bugs would be wonderful. В» -(From: Discovery, p. 51) Essay Writing What is an Essay? The word comes into the English language through the French influence on Middle English; French form of the word comes from the Latin verb Geiger, which means to examine, test, or (literally) to drive out'.

Thus, the essence of the academic essay is to encourage students to test or examine their ideas concerning a particular topic. An essay is a series of paragraphs on a particular topic. It is a short piece of writing that requires the student to hone a number of skills such as close reading, analysis, comparison and contrast etc. The purpose of an essay is to encourage students to develop ideas and concepts in their writing with the direction of little more than their own thoughts Essays should be: *concise *clear *with purpose/ direction. *interesting.

Parts of an Essay Introduction 0 Catches the interest of the reader 0 Communicates the central message Body 0 Describes, defines, explains or illustrates the thesis statement Conclusion 0 gives a lasting impression on the readers Writing the Introduction 0 The introduction is usually illustrated in an inverted triangle, starting with the most general statement that gives the readers a glimpse of what to expect. Writing the Body 0 The body paragraphs should relate directly to the thesis. 0 They expand and purport the central idea by explanation, exemplification or clarification. Each body paragraph should discuss one major point. 0 The body paragraphs should also contain transitions that will give markers to readers that show the direction of the essay. Writing the Conclusion 0 It is the last thing that the reader will read thus, it should leave a lasting impression on him/her. 0 It should remind the reader to the writer's purpose, and 0 It should bring a sense of closure to the essay. Trail Markers for Conclusion Paragraphs 0 Appeal for action by the reader. 0 Pose a question for thought. End with a strong contrasting idea. 0 Make a deduction from the presented facts. Make a prediction based on presented facts. Types of Essay 0 Narrative Essay 0 Descriptive Essay 0 Expository Essay 0 Argumentative Essay Narrative Essay point and/or 0 Is like telling a story. It has the basic components off story as characters, plot, setting, introduction and conclusion. It may be anecdotal, personal or experiential 0 It has a purpose and a clear point of view 0 It uses clear and concise language. Writing Description 0 Description is the use of words to represent the appearance or nature of something. In writing, description gives drama and life to the writer's words.

It brings to life characters, scenes, actions and create drama to the struggles presented in stories. Writers of description should: Emphasize a single point Choose words with care Establish a perspective from which to describe a subject Position the details for coherence (order) "My dormitory room is on the second floor of Bienville Hall. It is a small rectangular room with a white ceiling and green walls. As you enter the room straight ahead you will see two large windows with gold curtains. My bed, which is covered with a red ND gold bedspread, is under the windows.

On your left against the wall, there is a large bookcase filled with books. Close to the door a desk and chair sit next to the bookcase, with a small woven wastepaper basket underneath the desk. There are several posters on this wall. The one that is over the bookcase shows an interesting scene from our country. The one that is over the desk is of my favorite singer: To your right built into the wall opposite the bookcase and desk, is a closet Witt sliding doors. Behind you on your right and somewhat behind the door is a dresser with a mirror over it. " 0 Source:http://www. Small. Mom/Description_essay. PH Please help me find my dog. He is a mongrel's with the head off poodle and the body of a wolfhound, and his fur is patchy and dingy-gray. He has only three legs, but despite his arthritis, he uses them pretty well to hobble around and scratch his fleas and mange. His one seeing eye is cloudy, so he runs with his head sideways. His ragged, twisted ears enable him to hear loud sounds, which startle his troubled nervous system and cause him to howl pitifully. If you give him a scrap of food, he will gum it up rapidly and try to wag his broken tail. He answers to the name of Lucky.