This then forms a design community in local and sectional areas of countries and takes into consideration, lifestyle, as well as the physiology of the maker and the buyer. Inevitably every designer becomes branded with a national symbol of style. Here are some examples of ceramics made in China, which I will analyses in more detail. The design named Kananga (picture:l) is of a porcelain doll and is very famous. The character of this design is naughty, naive and lovable.

This is in accordance with our folk law and it has strong national meaning, such as the ceramics and character of Hashing Fug's work. Many works are drawn from folk story (picture:2) describes the emotion between man and woman and their dynamic, expression. The description of the painting is very true of life and it really conveys their tender and romantic feelings, like Signaling (picture:3) The protagonists' love can't be shown to the women and Just shows a bashful exuding tenderness and love through their eyes to be able to let them daydream.

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No matter what manifestation mode, the composition of these pictures displays a type of nationally recognized ceramic form of expression. As the design of pot,bowl,cup in Jingled Congou tea. Eave many relation with ancient Chinese tea ceremony,every city have different drinking habits,it is inseparable,in the designing,designer need to know the drinking crowd,drinking way,to and utensils place,so it will make the ceramics more characteristics of the nation.

But some factor will Influence it like revolution,For the last century ass's and the ass's, In social class inward Is have a "revolutionary" of lifestyle transformation, land reform, Industrial and business practice state activities, agricultural cooperation, people's commune movement. So, In varying degrees of impact on life style, ceramic design and everything are closely related with people's revolutionary,the social productive forces have unprecedented liberation,expanding the field of products.

Because the impact of foreign culture, people's way of life has changed, the design of ceramic product modeling tends to be westernizes. But, the modern ceramics must have it own direction,Direction of ceramics design is very important in the whole design process,it is always through the whole design, So if the industrial civilization provides a broad market,and material premise for art sign,The contemporary art is large extent provided the inspiration for modern design .

So after the industrial revolution,the abstraction of contemporary art is very abstract and geometry , so it is very easy to adapt the operation of rationally and orderly,and it exactly meet the machine mass production and the aesthetic of machine,it furnish the form and language for contemporary daily ceramics design. Len addition,various kinds of folk art is also rich the design concept,produce more inspiration for it.

The theme of series of Kuris tableware design is flower:(picture:4) The inspiration comes from arrears the prosperity folk art of Sweden,it is a kind of perfect combination of traditional handicraft art and modern technology. The pattern is generated by hand painted,nature folk art and the real flower photos,it have strong practicability,and it can be freely combined,to content different purposes. Nice the 1980,the artist started to use the contemporary art in ceramics design or the ceramics design from the other contemporary painting,sculptures,and produce ROSENTHAL designer said:"we yearn for the tableware to be produce,it will create by ammos designers and artists,thus draw the essence of the time,so the production will not only content the functionalism,but also have aesthetic value,it is very significance and excited. This work has honor the Red Dot Award (picture:5)from Rosenthal In this work Rosenthal studio-line Boutique series, the designer's inspiration from the Japanese art of paper folding,This work is completely filled with Japanese chilly and elegant. Both plate or bowl,each edges are like flower petal symmetric tilt. A total have 6 groups,each group have 3 different dishes,you can freely mix,when at you inner time,also can enjoy the art baptism.

The functionality and economy of ceramics have a direct link,if it is art of ceramics,his function not very important. But the practical ceramics need utility. So it is difficult to balance them in design. Great invention in before 100 years". The first one is the pedestal pan,it bring many advantages more than every other invention,it is very humiliation design,and nowadays the traditional pedestal pan is develop to the male urinal,wall-hang urinal,and the female using toilet include temper controller,shower equipment and ann. heater.

At 1953,the Gig Point design a first toilet,but it wasn't have rear cover,and the rear water tank,but we can see the rudiment of modern toilet ,and in the the Totalities Facilities in 1992 we can see the bathroom triplet,we can see the bathroom sink, and toilet ,pedestal pan. And it have cover. So that's why the KOEHLER can be famous in the world since 1873, because their sufficient regard every kind of people distinction ,what they need and some special person's special psychology,like the produce a bathtub for the aged and the disabled o content their real desired. SE the air cushion door on bath tub to prevent the water come out. Before your using,coming in to the bathtub and close door and fill full of water. When you finish,fall the water, then come out. This design only have a small change on it,but is actually thick true meaning,keep up the dignity for the aged and the disabled. View of the baby isn't have enough power on their arm and hand,so change one side small handle to 2 side big handle,so baby can use 2 hand to hold the cup and keep it balance,and improve their ability to snatch.