‘WHAT GOES AROUND COME AROUND’ Personally, l I believe this is true. The cliche, "What goes around, comes around," is the American definition for Karma. Karma deals with causality. A specific action leads to a specific result. A positive act will lead to a positive result, hence, to the experience of positive events, may it be in this life or in future ones. On the other hand, negative acts will unavoidably sooner or later lead to suffering.

This is the Law of Cause and Effect of itself, because the result will unavoidably correspond to the nature of the cause. For example, if you plant a seed, a certain kind of plant will grow from this. From a bean seed, a bean plant will grow; from an apple seed an apple tree will grow and not any other kind. The effects of a deed, word or thought, sometimes are immediate but in some cases many days, months, years or lives elapse until the precise time comes about. Buddha said: "Our good and evil deeds follow us continually like shadows. You need to remember that thoughts and words are also considered as karma. Negative thoughts or disturbing emotions might emerge every day within us. This is not a sin, but if you permit those detrimental emotions to abide within yourself, strengthening them through wrongful actions, evil thoughts and iniquitous words, then you will be creating negative karma. Your duty is to get rid of those negative thoughts and foolish and senseless emotions as soon as possible.

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Christ, Buddha, Mohammed and other great souls were not exempt of experiencing evil thoughts, fear, anger, sadness, hatred, egoism, or any other kind of negative emotion, they worked to hastily eradicate those tremendous obstacles in their evolutionary process. If you create negative karmas--actions--killing, stealing, lying, criticizing, etc. , then you will reap terrible results such as illness, calamities, hardships, or any kind of suffering.

The greater the sacrifice and goodness of the action, the greater will be the fruit you receive. Similarly, a negative or mean action, which inflicts pain and suffering to other beings, will bring equivalent results to the doer. For every action, word and thought there will be a reaction--fruit--equal in nature and degree. The Law of Cause and Effect is uninfringeable and no one escapes from it. This law operates in every situation, in every place, at any time within the created Universe, at every level of creation.