It is also to compete with other countries who are more advanced in engineering course. Therefore, a lot of engineering universities had been built no matter In overseas or locals to produce many engineers. Almost thousands of graduates that have a degree in engineering course that have been produced by universities every year. But having a degree in engineering course does not guarantee that you will secure your dream engineering job. Sometime your inherent weakness turn employers off during interview.

Nobody Is perfect In this world. Everyone has their own weakness Including me. One of my potential weaknesses I may have that prevent me from getting employment is communication skills. Often I'm afraid to speak in English due to fear of my grammar and pronunciation are wrong. When being asked a question, I'm afraid to speak up my answers or ideas. The second potential weakness is critical thinking and problem solving. Sometimes I takes time to thinking on how to solve a problem and I can't solve It In a few minutes.

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If suddenly being asked a question on "how" "why' and "what", I don't think that I can response it In a given time_ Then, the other potential weakness is experience. Many people think that they shouldn't include unpaid experience such as school and volunteer work in their resume for interview. However, experience, paid or not, is still experience as long as they can relate it to the job that they are applying for. Unfortunately, I don't have any experience on working.

I have never been working but only help other people In their work such as be a photographer for an event, handle an event and helping my siblings In their studies. Among of three weaknesses that I have, I think my major weakness is communication skills. Sometimes I hesitate to speak out about my own opinions. I'm a bit shy when I get along with strangers or someone that I don't really know. It feel awkward to suddenly get along with them. I will be very nervous when I have to do a presentation and go to the Interviews.

It Is because of I'm scared that I can't answer the ' questions, I might doing a mistake and will keep answer too short that will tend to end the conversation. I'm the type of person that easily feel bored so I'm afraid that will daydreaming, checking text messages, doodling or yawning. The solution of my major weakness is I have to learn an English language more often or effectively by using method such as read English books, magazines and grammar and pronunciation. Then if I can't concentrate on some speakers, I will repeat their words over my head because it will reinforce their message and help me to stay focus.

For overcome my nervousness, I will use positive body language to convey my messages and to signal confidence even though I'm not feeling it such as smiling and maintaining eye contact that will make me feel more self-confidence and help to put other person at ease. I must try to get along with all people surrounding me so that I'm not feel awkward and can communicate with them like a friend. In a conclusion, I must make myself stand out and convince those employers that hey should hire me over potentially better-qualified applicants.

Most employers value flexibility and train ability as much as they value hard skills. Even when you're the most qualified applicant, competence alone will never win you the Job. At the end of the day, hiring managers often hire the person they liked the best and who they like to hang out with. After all, they're only human. If your fide are lacking, then the like ability factor is even more important. The best way to be likeable is to have a positive attitude. Act interested in everything about the Job, from the company itself to the industry as a whole.