Twain uses conflicts between his two main characters that still occur in the present day. Teenagers today have to face conflicts nearly every single day. Teens come in contact with conflicts through the friends they chose, peer pressure, and their influences. The friends they choose can sway one to make poor choices. Do to peer pressure, someone might offer one drugs. The conflict then would be whether or not to go along with what others are doing, or to decline the offer. Some conflicts that I go through once or twice a week would be sibling rivalries, parent issues, and rend issues.

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In "The Cub Pilot on The Mississippi," Twain reveals the conflict through his descriptive language, his compelling characters, and his gripping plot. Twain expresses conflict using his unique language. Twain uses his vast knowledge of vocabulary to help the reader understand exactly what is happening in his novels. In "The Cub Pilot on the Mississippi," the conflict is between Twain and Brown. For example, "He (Brown) would Jump from the bench, snatch the wheel from me, and meet her himself, pouring out wrath upon me all the time" (Twain,103).

This wows the hatred between the cub pilot and Brown. Another example that expresses conflict could be, "l killed Brown every night" (??? ). This demonstrates that the cub pilot's anger towards Brown is so extreme that he murders Brown in his very own dreams. Although Twain's masterful use of language shows the conflict in the story, so does his portrayal of his two main characters. The conflict between his two main characters is seen through the characters' traits and how they act. One of the cub pilot's characteristics is obedience. For instance, he does everything Brown orders IM to do.

Plus he submits to Brown's strict attitude and insults while does his tasks. Another trait of the cub pilot is he has self-control. For example, he keeps to himself and does what he is told. This example shows that the cub pilot will Just put up with every one of Brown's insults, lectures, and strict way of giving orders. In other words the cub pilot is like a sponge, and he sucks up all the filthy liquids. Short tempered is one of Brown's traits. For instance, Brown yells at Henry, Twain's younger brother, and attempts to throw ten lbs of coal at Henry.

This shows the conflict between Twain and Brown because it's Twain's brother that is about to be pelted with ten lbs of coal. Another one of Brown's many disrespectful traits is his cruelty aimed at Twain. For example, Brown makes Twain do tasks that he knows Twain can't accomplish. Then Brown insults and yells at Twain for what he did wrong. The author uses his characters effectively to show conflict, but to top it off, he also highlights it through is exquisite plot. An example would be, Brown sets Twain up for failure by giving him impossible tasks.

One of the impossible tasks is when Brown tells Twain to round up the ship on Twain's first day on the ship. This shows the conflict between the both of them because it troubles Twain, and while Twain is confused and under pressure Brown continues to make things worse by yelling at Twain. Another example would be Ritchie, one of Brown's past cub pilots, teases cruel behavior isn't Just towards Twain, but to every one of Brown's cub pilots. This is proven to be a fact and not Just a theory by how Ritchie knows how to act like Brown to annoy Twain.

This shows that Brown once treated Ritchie the same way as he is treating Twain now. One more example of the conflict is when Brown yells at Henry, and tries to throw coal along with his insults. But Brown is stopped in his tracks when Twain throws a stool at Brown then beats him too. This definitely shows the conflict by Twain's beating of Brown. The conflict is resolved when Brown leaves the ship. Twain then stays on the ship happily till the end of the voyage. Twain's numerous ways of expressing the conflict in "The Cub Pilot on the Mississippi" greatly enhances the stories quality and elegance.