Margaret Cave Web Television and Its Journey to Mainstream With the birth of the Internet, over the years, people have learned take full advantage of its use. From paying bills, to playing video games, to ordering coffee, the internet has been incorporated into our daily lives. Within the past five years a more creative way of using the Internet has emerged. People are now using the Internet to promote homemade low budget films.

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People have the ability to express themselves without the usage of a large budget or corporate sponsorship. Instead, people have tapped Into the creative portion of their brain which seemed to have been dormant for so many years, and with the help of smoothness, are able to produce homemade videos that are uploaded to websites like Youth for the entire world to see. From sitcoms to video blobs to short films, a whole new world of entertainment Is available for the public to view but can this new wave of entertainment out shine traditional television?

Over years the Internet has produced several very popular web series and Iconic characters who think that web television can be Just as mainstream as rotational television. When people move across the country for work, It Is hard to find time to call and talk with family, especially when there Is a three-hour time difference and the long days of work seem to be never ending. That didn't stop film and visual arts major Alyssa Enforce from sharing her dally life with her friends and family back home.

Alyssa decided to start her own flog (video blob) on Youth to help capture her dally satellites and make sure she did not forget anything that may have happened that day. Whether It's a 20-second video Informing people she does tot have Internet, a short clip of her performing stand-up comedy at the college comedy club, or Just a random thought that she may have had, Alyssa made sure It was on video for her friends and family to watch but something happened that Alyssa did not expect. Random people started subscribing to her channel.

Her "big break" happened after a skit she performed called 'What girls do when they like someone" was posted on College's. Com and Funneled. Com. The video received more. As a result, they started subscribing to her Youth channel. As of today Alyssa has more than 900 subscribers. In an email interview Alyssa was asked how she felt about people taking interest and commenting on her videos. She replied "l was surprised that random people were interested but for the most part they were positive and I was very happy to be making more friends. Like most film students Alyssa is hoping to one day make it big in either acting or stand-up. "l cannot imagine anyone turning my flog into a TV show ha. If someone wanted to give me a TV show I'd definitely do it though. " When she was asked if she thought web television (Youth, Hull) could become more mainstream she replied "l think online media is already getting really mainstream. I think the big difference between web series and TV shows is length. So for one to switch media it'd have to be much longer or much shorter. (personal communication, December 10, 2012) Alyssa wasn't the only one who decided to use Youth to express how she felt. Internet sensation Jean Memory best known on the internet as "Jean Marbles" has much to say when it comes to men, women, and life as she should because she has a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology from Suffolk University and a Master's of Education in Sports Psychology and Counseling from Boston University. Jean became an iconic internet sensation by accident when she posted her video "How to trick people into thinking you are good looking" on her Backbone page for her friends and family to watch.

The video went viral and has more than million views on Youth today. Jean says that she is a product of a viral video but knew that she wanted to continue making more videos, and that's exactly what she did. Jean posts new videos every Wednesday on Youth and uses her humor to discuss a variety of topics, such as things guys lie about and how girls pack a suitcase. She uses her comedic style to hare her point of view and poke fun at herself and people's idiosyncrasies.

With more than five million subscribers and an accumulative 888 million views Jean Marbles is one of the top ladies on the internet today. Her videos are known for not only being sarcastic and entertaining but also showing a different perspective on ideas that we accept as truth and that definitely something that needs to be commended. When it comes to making a successful web series, nobody has done it better than Felicia Day. An actress, writer, and a producer, Felicia Day is an icon when it comes to geek culture. She has guessed starred on Buff the Vampire Slayer, starred in Josh Hoedown's web series Dry.

Horrible Sing-Along blob, but Day is best known for her award winning web series The Guild, which is written and produced by Day. It is a comedic series about a group of individuals who play a popular online video game together. The story itself revolves around the main character Cody Sherman (aka Codex), played by Felicia Day, who is so involved with her online gaming addiction that she has trouble coping with the real world. The Guild has won numerous awards including Youth Video Award for best series and the South by Southwest Greenville Award for best original production.

The first episode "Wake-Up Call" premiered July 27, 2007 and is currently in its sixth season. When asked what makes The Guild web series so successful Day replied "for the web niche content is better. If you cater to a very small niche, I know how to gain an audience for that. " Whether a person has their own personal flog, makes videos poking fun at life, or long way. Even if web television doesn't become as mainstream as traditional television, as long as the content that is being produced stays true to its form there ill always be an audience who will enjoy it.

Hollywood may have grade A actors and large budgets but the content that is being produced by for the web has a lot of heart and I think that is what keeps viewers asking for more. References Wallace, L. (2012). Felicia Day Shares Secrets of Successful Web Video. Retrieved from http://www. Wired. Com/underwear/2012/10/Felicia-day-web-video/ Jean Marbles. (2007). Retrieved from http://www. Youth. Com/user/Consumables Jean Marbles Interview: The Partners Project Episode 41 . (2011). Retrieved from http://www. Youth. Com/watch? V=06_lessened