How does Merricat feel towards villagers?
dislikes them, wishes them dead (uncomfortable around children)
How do the townspeople view her?
What do you learn about Merricat's family (dead and alive)?
dead(been dead for 6 yrs)
How does she feel about change?
hates change
What did we learn about the murder of their family?
killed with arsenic poisoning, Constance was accused for the murder
What is the relationship like between Merricat and Constance?
mother and daughter relationship
What is Merricat not allowed to do?
touch knifes,serve tea,go into uncle julian's room
What is Constance not allowed to do?
go past the garden
What does Uncle Julian continue to talk about?
the murder
How do they talk about food?
as a comfort,isolate them from the real world
What does Merricat plan for Charles?
to drive him away
What does Charles's financial situation seem to be?
he is poor
How has life changed in the Blackwood house now that Charles is there?
lots of change
What do you think Charles's plan is?
to marry Constance and to get into the families's wealth
How does Merricat try to drive away Charles?
break his mirror, change everything so that he doesn't know where he is
What does Uncle Julian say about Merricat?
she has been dead for the past 6 yrs
What happens to Uncle Julian during the fire?
he dies from a heat attack
What has happened to their house and their food supply?
the fire burns it down, burns to ashes
Who comes to visits Merricat and Constance after the fire? What do they say?
Mr. and Mrs. Clark, they said that the townspeople didn't mean what they did
Why does Constance apologize to Merricat at the end of the chapter?
she feels that it is her fault
How do the townspeople treat the Blackwoods now?
-they bring them gifts
-feel guilt
Why does Charles come back?
What happens in the final scene? Why is this significant?
someone leaves fresh eggs ,talk about cooking/eating children
How does each family member react to the fire?
Constance and Merricat: run away(move on)
Uncle Julian: dies
Charles: disappears, first makes sure that the money is okay
What do the sisters plan for their future? How does each feel about the plan?
Both plan to never leave the house, Merricat is happy she gets Constance to herself
What do you learn about each sister throughout this book?
Constance: Worships Merricat(does anything to protect her)
Merricat: worshiped(kills whoever doesn't worship her)
How do you learn about characters in this book? Is it different from the way you learn about characters in other books?
We learn about characters though Merricat,different from other books(only get one persons perspective on things)
Why the book is called "We Have Always Lived in the Castle"?
-they describe the house as a "castle"
-offerings at the door→ separating the rich from the poor(different from the townspeople)
-Merricat wants worshiped(queen of the castle)
-Always live in that same house(generations→ food)
-constant (house burned down→ they move on)
-Constance→ beautiful fairy princess (held captive)
Who wrote the book "We Have Always Lived in the Castle"?
Shirley Jackson
during the fire,what does U.J go back to save?
his papers
What killed the Blackwood family?
arsenic in sugar
What does Constance enjoy doing
Who does Merricat say she would save if she killed the whole town?
How old is Constance?
28 years old
How does the fire start?
Merricat pushes charles pipe on the papers
What does Merricat do when she is angry?
breaks things, runs away
What is Uncle Julian obsessed with?
"that night"
Which townsperson threw the first stone at the house?
Jim Donnell
What did Constance and Merricat do when Charles comes to visit after the fire?
hide and listen
What does the fallen notebook from the tree foreshadow?
Charles coming to visit
Who says this quote?"My niece is Merricat has been a long time dead."
Uncle Julian
Who says this quote?"Oh, Constance we are so happy."
Merricat (says this at the end of the book,Merricat brainwashing Constance,last line of the book, now Merricat has what she wants; Constance to herself)
Who says this quote?"I had no dinner last night."
Merricat (important because the last time she was sent to bed with no supper she killed her whole family)
What does Mary Katherine wonder about the library books?
She wonders if she would have chosen different books if she had known that they would be the last books that she would check out of the library
What was Mary Katherine's routine when she visited the village?
Merricat's routine for visiting the village was to go every Tuesday and Friday, and to visit the library, grocery store, and to stop at Stella's coffee shop before heading home.
What are Mary Katherine's thoughts about the Rochester house?
Merricat says that the Rochester house is the nicest house in the village(Her mother was a Rochester, and so Mary Katherine believes that the house should belong to her sister Constance by rights)
How Old is Merricat?
18 years old