The Engineering bulging houses sales and engineering departments. There will be three distribution offices; Chicago, Phoenix, and New York. Each distribution office has a small sales staff as well as administrative staff. The plant facility will be located In China. The company Is looking to tie all these sights to each other for ease of communication and data transfer. With the size of the corporation, Poi will be the best type of telecommunications for Acme Manufacturing. Poi will allow Acme to save money because they will not be using standard phone lines.

Poi uses the internet or corporate network to send and receive its telephony signal. This means that they do not have to run any extra lines for phones. Ethernet cables for the network will carry the phone line communications and will already be in place for the corporate network. Each site will need communication set up between them. In order to make that happen each site will need certain equipment put into place. Headquarters will have several servers in the server room. Desktops will be Issued for the necessary users. Headquarters will have router strategically placed around the building.

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This will broadcast the corporate Wi-If signal for the corporate WALL. The routers will also be central points for the desktop hubs to connect. The Engineering building will house some backup servers. Securing the WAN network requires several different areas to be covered and controlled. Headquarters will house the main servers in a room. This room will be locked uses a number pad lock. Only the network administrator and his assistant will have access to this room. Backups of the system will be kept In an off site safety deposit box and the system will be set up to run backups on a set frequent schedule.

Users of the network will have different levels of access to data based on their job title. Employees will be split up into groups and data entry permissions will be granted to each group based on needs of the group. User training classes will be required to achieve maximum efficiency In the network and maintain a safe, secure network. TCP/IP protocols will be in place to help manage IP addressing and package sending and receiving. The user log-on passwords will need to be changed every 90 days. Each time a password is changed the user will have to come up with a completely different and unique sword.

When changing the password similar passwords will not be tolerated. When a user steps away from the computer, the user must log off every time no matter how long they will be away from the computer. Packet filter flawless will be in 1 OFF location to another. All servers will be set up to receive up-dates but updates will install only after the network administrator or assistant has inspected up-dates and cleared them for use. Corporate desktops will receive updates based on testing that is done by the network administrator or the assistant.