In a very short period it has hanged the way we have looked at things since centuries. It is one industry that is going to shape our future for centuries to come. Hence my desire is to do masters' in electrical with Power Systems as my major. India is a country with an enormous potential in the Power Systems. To serve the needs of this developing industry and more important its vast population, Electrical and Electronics is going to become more important.

Consequently, conditions here are very conducive to supplement my aspirations when I return after completing my graduate studies. I did a mini project on Embedded Security System with IR Sensors. From this project I eve gathered that in this new generation Embedded System is one of the main components used in hardware and mechanical parts. It is used to control many devices in common use today. Embedded Systems in turn are controlled by one or more main processing cores, which is typically either a Microelectronic or a Digital Signal Processor.

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I built a robotic on the line follower to polish my other interests. I designed my Robot with two motors controlled rear wheels and a free single front wheel. It has 4- infrared sensors on the bottom to detect black tracking tape when the sensors detect black color, the output of comparator changes. LEMMA is low logic and the other the output is high, it includes electrical and electronics component. It can travel the 202 inch long course (black tape on poster board) in 8. 5 seconds. It ran the Atlanta Hobby Robot Club course in 6. 93 seconds.

I entered this Robot in Sir Indus College Rally Open Competition and won the 1st place. Presently, I am going to do the main project on A Real Time 3 Phase Selective Harmonic Extraction Approach for Grid Connected Converters. I hope that through this Statement of Purpose, I depict myself to be a student deserving to pursue MS program at XIX University. I promise to live up to your expectations as a graduate student and hope to serve the faculty as an assistant in teaching and research activities and make my contributions to the University in my own stature.

I am confident that my masters' degree from a reputed institution like yours would ago long way in helping in realizing a life long dream to be at the forefront of the Electrical industry. I wish to assure you, that you can find a diligent, disciplined and a dedicated student in me. I look forward to an exciting period of graduate program at XIX University, which is a vital step in my career. I sincerely thank you for this opportunity to express myself.