Visiting a waterfall, especially on a hot cloudless day, one of my favorite ways to spend a day is to go for an outing, go enjoy the day with my mum and brother. In this case you get in your car, drive for miles, then get out and walk the remaining of the way to a waterfall. Council has cleared and marked a pathway for you and a lot of people like you Mrs. Gosden that have also come to enjoy these named landmarks. Rarely do people get to enjoy the natural beauty of one by just stepping out into your own backyard.

Sometimes I get so bored I remember the geography lessons and I imagine myself Behind my house, barely noticeable {fake}, is a path leading through the woods to a waterfall. The trail is small but really worn out. Any bushes that would have grown has been trampled down and all that is left is a very narrow path, overhung with branches from the trees that mark its sides. As I walk down the trail, I begin to feel the trees closing around me until the house can no longer be seen.

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I follow the trail to where it stops at an edge, approaching quietly so as not to disturb any of the wild animals that has come to enjoy the cool fresh water from the creek. I gently cross over the creek using the stones, which show the show off several previous crossing, so that I can have full view of the creek and the beauty it possesses. I can hear the rush of the water long before I see the falls. As I sit down on the big rock that has been warmed by the early morning sun, I begin to gulp in the beauty as a hobo would gulp down food.

I notice that the wild flowers are in full bloom and that the tree has all its leaves. After I took my short break I continue on with my journey. At last!! I found the waterfall I won't tell you where because it's my secret paradise. Anyways, I have been visiting that place ever since I can't remember. It became a habit of mine to visit that place ever time I get inspired, bored, sad, happy, I don't know, it just became my comfortable and relaxing place to be. At last I am here once more. It's been months since I've been here! Well, I can't blame myself; I was so busy with all the events and stuff.

Well, now I am free. I wonder if this place has changed. It's just now that I realized that walking along these woods is tiring! Oh! I hear something. This place, this area, it all seems so... Yes! The waterfalls! This place was my favorite spot. I took some time to stop and take a little bit of pictures and one reason why I call it my secret paradise not only because of it's wonderful surroundings that would make a good design on postcards but because the place is so serene, it's clean and well, you can really drink the water directly from the falls.

Surprisingly, a place like this still exists here in this country, and I thought this place was fake. So I rested for a while there, the big rocks I used as chairs and bigger rocks as bed, though they were extremely hard and uncomfortable, you wouldn't want to sleep on a, literally, hard rock bed don't you? So I rested for a while and take pictures of different spots in that area. There were birds flying, I took a picture of them. There were birds resting on branches, I took a picture of them. But, it was all not enough.