Video Case 6. 2 Part 1/Summary Ray sozzi, CEO and founder of Student Advantage, has successfully organized the management process in his company over time. He has tied empowerment to accountability with certain people in his company. Those people are in charge of certain resources within the company. He has many effective strategies, which contains hearing what it is people want to do and letting them act on it. He also gives his managers different perspectives so that they can have an over view and be able to analyze the situation with his opinion.

This is a positive influence on the managers since Ray is aware of all the aspects of his company. Ray may have multiple ways of going about the situation that can help the managers get better results. There are multiple managing positions to control every category. Each manager has their own team so that they are able to deliver resources for Student Advantages. These teams work together by exercising strong communication to the each other. Each person understands their role in accomplishing their job successfully and is aware of there accountability.

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The managers trust their team members to deliver the work accurately and effectively. They believe communication is key to delegation. Ray has created an over-all team strategy that allows employees to get different experiences that are beyond the title-position. This give them the opportunity to discuss matters occurring within the company so that everyone can deliver some kind of idea or message to help one an other. Although Student Advantage is still growing, Ray has been able to keep the employees working towards growth and success for the firm.

He is able to overcome challenging trials with organizing and managing his firm well. Overall Ray has continued to grow and move forward successfully within his company as CEO of Student Advantages. Video Case 6. 1- Part 2 1. How would you describe Ray Sozzi’s leadership style? A. Overall I would describe Ray Sozzi’s leadership style to be a laissez-leader. He gives authority to his managers and allows people to communicate what it is they want to do and they are able to act on it.

Communication is strongly encouraged among group members. 2. Based on the Management Process, how does Ray Sozzi control the planning function? A. Ray sozzi’s has based his planning functions on strategic planning. He has passed on the overall objectives to managers. These managers then achieve the major goals and/or objectives successfully by organizing and planning them out within their teams. 3. What are some advantages and disadvantages of management practice that are employed at Student Advantage?

A. One disadvantage I believe may not be as effective in Rays management practice would have to be his outlook on letting people do what it is they want to do, just by simply holding them accountable. This can affect the firm negatively and effect long-term plans based on one persons idea. However, I believe his strategies within teams are positive to the firm in many ways. The teams are able to communicate and expand their knowledge in other areas of the company and overall expanding the firm’s value.