One day my husband brought a bag home and told me to open it up so I did and pulled out two square, magnetic boxes in which were two electronic cigarette starter kits. They looked Like real analogs only heavier to hold. He had also purchased extra in menthol flavor. We quickly looked over the instruction manual and began charging the little batteries. It wasn't hard to figure out. Once the batteries were fully charged with the little green indicator light, we pulled them off the charger and proceeded to try our very first . WOW I liked It' I kept "smoking" my new cell Like a pro while thinking to myself, "Hey. His could actually work to make me stop smoking! " After the first day, I was still liking my new CE LAG but was going through the carts() Like nobody's business. At $24 for a pack of 5, and using 3 per day. Calculated the cost out to be higher than smoking real analogs.... And that after paying $300 or more for our kits!!! What a rip off No way was one cart a pack of smokes! Maybe 5 analogs tops, but certainly not a pack! Got on the internet and searched for electronic cigarette. I ended up landing on a site that had TONS of information that I was looking for called , or Electronic Cigarette Forum.

I could not believe my eyes! The next few months were spent doing all kinds of research. Quickly learned what we had was known as a "" and that we needed 1 term I picked up). So I searched around and found something called an Ego. I could buy two Ego kits with , Juice, and extra goodies all for less than what one of our kits had cosseted. It was a bargain! I quickly ordered and anxiously waited for my very first "wave mail". When the new kits arrived, I ran to the mailbox and ran back in the house tearing open the package as I went.

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Awesome!!! Pretty colors... ' had gotten forest green for the hubby and pink for myself. It didn't take me long to figure out how to charge the new batteries and fill the new Mega with liquid. I had already read the instructions online. ! The flavor, the vapor, the whole experience had Just gone up a few levels!!! I had no idea "paving" could be so awesome! Having only purchased two small bottles of liquid, I got back online and found another vendor that offered hundreds of flavors of liquid and picked out about a dozen small samples.

My new obsession had begun. Only two months after starting , I lit an analog one morning and decided I didn't want or need it so ran water over it and tossed in the garbage. Went and grabbed my instead and that was my last day of smoking. Since then, I've made a hobby, buying all kinds of various moods and devices. I love my new hobby and have a new lease on life as well. My husband hasn't given up analogs completely still but I feel pretty confident he will when he's ready.