Describing my personality and beliefs would consist of education, discipline, punctuality, acceptance, health, fairness, generosity, understanding, creativity, diversity, order, strength, support, and my absolute favorite success. Most of the things I value are things I can control. The flighty behaviors of various people related to my life gave me the assertiveness and I strives to be a better person. I can absolutely agree the experiences In my life molded me to be an exceptional person with values and ethical background I could say I am proud of. Growing up I moved around a lot bouncing back and forth between my divorced parents.

My father made an impact on my decision to be a perfectionist in every thing I do. He taught me to not let aspects such as a health issues, unfair opportunities, or people not excepting me; stand in my way of being successful. My father was a black man that was a great dad, a lead accountant at a prestigious bank, had custody of his daughter, acquired several cars, and involved In the community. He did not let his above the knee amputation, lupus disease, heart failure, and single parent issues interfere with his success. I learned acceptance from him because he kept his head held high through all he endured.

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I learned strength from him because through all his health issues he remained strong and kept fighting. My mother influenced my life greatly with her generous heart, organizational skills, and punctuality trait. She taught me to always be on time and that meant being early! My mother was always punctual and was so upset when other people were late. She explained that being on time was the first Impression someone thought of you. It shows dependability and it shows that you care enough to not make people, a bob, or a teacher wait for your arrival. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".

Cleaning and organizing our house is something she was serious about. My mother hated a dirty house and despised women who were not clean. Hygiene was also Important and she taught me no matter how much money you have, you could still look good. Treating yourself to something nice once In while was Important to boost your self esteem and could even temporarily make you forget bad things were going on. I also learned optimism from my mother, she always was able to find the good in a difficult situation. The negative part of my life became apparent as I grew in my teenage years.

I was a teen when my mother remarried and moved to East Palo Alto, California. I couldn't understand why a recovering alcoholic married an alcoholic who abused her. He was controlling behavior. I had two parents in the home and I felt alone. My biological father was not allowed to come around because my step-father was intimidated by him. Living in the home with my step father I was exposed to thoughts like the white man wanted black people to fail, the system was designed to hold black people back room succeeding, and I should only look out for people who were African American.

I totally disagreed with his opinion. My friends were diverse, I was successful in school and I was of color and the world proved other wise. My biological father had already instilled in my beliefs we are failures by our own choice and drive to succeed in life. My mother worked countless over time hours to avoid being at home. So I was left with my step-father and his dysfunctional children. I learned to be independent and occupy my time with my friends. I longed to have a close family and grow to change he cycle of how things were in my home.

Playing sports occupied my time and hanging out with my friends became a priority to me. I needed a support system to help me through life so I was a loyal friend, an intelligent student, and a beast at playing basketball. I was able to filter my pain through the three things and grew to be very great at them. I spent a lot of time outside and hung around people who had different intentions in life. I was popular and likeable to people who lived through my successful behaviors. I witness people sell drugs, do robberies, have babies at a young age, murder, violence, money scams, ND other various criminal acts.

What I witnessed did not corrupt my integrity it pushed me towards wanting better for myself. I was not a complete saint I engaged in some activities I had no business being involved in, yet my heart pulled me in the right direction. I graduated from high school, obtained an AS and AAA in medical office administration, had two children, bought a home, and continued my studies at University of Phoenix to further my career in Human Services. I worked hard to be a great person, mother, friend, and active in my community.

My background, personal experiences, has greatly affected me but I will not let it hinder me as a person and representative in the human services field. I know right from wrong and I will reflect on my past experiences to act accordingly in a positive manner. My values of life will assist me to act ethically correct in handling situations and to adhere to peoples' beliefs, religion, values. In the event I face a dilemma where my personal experience may cloud my Judgment to make an appropriate decision, I learned in this course I have alternative resources to guide me at servicing y clients.

I will not let my personal beliefs interfere with the success of being a great human service professional. I will allow each client and their circumstances be a learning experience to be a great in my career. I expect some discomfort working in the human services field I know it will not always flow smoothly as I expect. In reality I can not save the world and some situations will arouse thoughts or ideas to tempt me to act unprofessionally. I know it will be hard to work with people who take advantage of the system, abusive spouses, racist, and negative attitudes.

In hopes to be affective I will refer the case to someone else. I also am aware there will be times I will have to keep a client I disapprove of and I will have to do my best at providing service to them. I have the intention to be a good human service professional and I will have to act upon doing so. Putting my helpful and proactive! I look forward to making a difference and being the best in my career. A hard life does not define a person but shapes our actions. What goes into our minds does not always affect our output and how we project ourselves to those round us.