The value of life. What is the value life worth? In the western world most people do not value their life by what they have learned, taught or wisdom they have given. The western society values life by how much money you make and by how much you are worth as a person. In other societies they value life by experience they gained in their life time. Which is what life should be valued as, by experience not by money. Here in America and other first world countries there is a product called life insurance.

People put their personal information on a site and it gives them the money value of their life. Mine is worth four million dollars according to the site, which literally puts a value on a human life. On September 11, 2001 America's government put a different value of money on every single life that was lost that day. “About 86 percent of all families should receive the same amount,” (Ripley 1) but it did not go down that way. Every person life was valued differently by what they earned during their lifetime and for what family left behind like wife and kids. Yet you still have to deduct life insurance, pension, social security and workers compensation” (Ripley 1), then you get the total amount of money their life was worth. It is wrong to give a money value for someone's life. We should value everyone's life by their knowledge and their life experience. “A man who dares to waste one hour of his life has not discovered the value of life” - Charles Darwin. When you hear the names Lance Armstrong, Ronald Regan and Mother Teresa, people do not think of how much they made but by the wisdom and knowledge they shared around us and how they changed the world.

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These people had very little money yet their life was worth far greater than any money making billionaire. Lance Armstrong knows the true meaning of the value of life because he nearly died battling cancer but survived threw the hardship. He did not give up because he valued his life for what it was worth, experience, friendship and new experience. The United States of America values life by how much money they have made during their lifetime or what their place in society is.

A judge supreme court judge life could be valued well over four million dollars, while a janitors life could be valued less than one million dollars just because of how western society views them. All because one one makes more money than the other, the judge is placed in a high class society while the janitor is placed in a middle class society, so by capitalist logic his life is worth less. Our culture values every life by how much money we make in our lifetime. Steve Jobs life would be more valuable Albert Einsteins life just because he made more profit.

We have life insurance because we think we should protect are lives with money to help pay for expense’s rather than protect what we have contributed in life by passing it down. In conclusion it is wrong to value life by how much money you have made or how much your life is insured for. People should value their life by what they have learned, the knowledge the have gained and the wisdom they have sought. Love, friendship and determination makes every life valuable. The value of life is different for every person but every life money or not is valuable in different ways.