Argument for using a computer With the popularity of computers, almost every family has one computer. Some parents, for various reasons, let children use computers for learning, relaxing, and so on. However, children between ages of 6 and 16 are in the growth stage. Simply playing for a couple of minutes is acceptable, while using computers for a long time should be discouraged for that it will do harm to children's eyes, discipline, self- control and physical growth, which mainly reflects In the following aspects. First of all, computers weaken children's Imagination and creatively.

With computers, children would no longer need to think too much, what they need to do is only to give response to learning programs. This may lead to a hasty attitude towards study. A United States report said: "at least 755 children educational software are not suitable for young students. " Some software has already limited the scope of thinking, thus students ' Imagination becoming narrower and narrower, and losing their creativity. Creativity and Imagination are Invaluable, so how can we kill them early at the childhood stage?

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Second, using computers damages children's spelling skills. Some experts believe that letters written by children themselves is good for children to remember the spellings, only by which can they establish link between letters and letters and learn about the meaning of the words. Children typing on the keyboard do not have to master spelling method, because the computers will correct the error. As a result, such children lose opportunities to learn an important skill. Thirdly, long-term using computer leads to less attention.

Children must learn to focus on study or something else in order to achieve their goals, because concentration can promote children's memory and ability to listen and read. After all, children between ages of 6 and 16 are poor at controlling themselves. In such situation, wonderful computer software design, coupled with endless entanglement with the Internet, makes children difficult to focus on a particular subject or a task. Finally, children who tend to use computers for a long time often lack patience do not want to communicate with others.

Computer is famous for its convenience, thus creating a large number of Impatient children. In 1998, the study of Carnegie Mellon found that adolescents frequently contacting with computers became solitary and lonely. At the same time, other children, who had excellent performance, were used to playing with dolls and reading books, and they were outgoing and full of curiosity. Of cause, we cannot deny that computer does have its strengths. Maybe no teacher in the world could exceed them because they are friendly, patient and never scold o for even your most foolish blunder.

But parents should ensure that children many things encouraging children to learn and grow. Yet in front of the computer screen, keyboard and mouse restricts kids' development. In short, long-term using computer has a negative impact on children's growth and development, mental and physical health, and ways of thinking. So, it is necessary for parents to discourage children between ages of 6 and 16 from using computers. Give back natural environment to them to ensure them grow happily and healthily.