Describe the main types of electronic message systems. There are a few different types of electronic message systems that can be used by a business to stream line communication with their employees and customers. Emails can be used to send information to individuals or a whole company, there are many different facilities within email software that can ensure the recipient has read the email this Is Important if the email contained time critical Information.

Also as email can be used as a legal form of communication it can be used to send contractual information and purchase orders. Voice malls, can be used when the person you're trying to contact Isn't available, once the recorded message Is left, the user can play this back to retrieve the details It contains and make contact at a suitable time. Conference calls can also be used, this not only saves time and money traveling to one site, colleagues can all be Involved in a call.

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This also Includes the ability of being a colleague's desktop via the internet so documents can be viewed and shared without having to leave the office. 1 _ 2 Describe the different features of electronic message systems. Email is fast and instant; users can access business email on a variety of electronic devices such as mobile phones, Tablets. 1. 3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date Old emails take up space and should be deleted after so long, in order to free up space.

In order to save space I archive emails Into a separate folder, that way I'm able o quickly search for any information I may need to use. 1. 4 Describe how to use an electronic message system to check and delete or discard messages. Often I'm included on emails that aren't directly relevant to my Job role, rather than delete these email.