This is what we use primarily. There is also instant messaging such as digital conferences, email, text messages that can be delivered to our office phone and email. On an answering machine, the customer calls the number, and upon not being able to get through to the number, they leave a message, which can be replayed later, pending a call back from us when e are free to do so.

A digital conference is a form of electronic face to face communication. This is done through a computer and a WebMD, so the communicating parties can see each other and any objects of discussion. Text messages are electronic messages composed of solely text. They are quick, cheap, but they are not as direct as Just calling someone on the phone. Email Is Electronic Mall, sent from one computer to another. Email is a useful tool In the office as It provides us with important service alterations, updates, announcements, and keeps us Informed of any Incidents on the tracks. . 2 Describe the different features of electronic message systems: fast, instant, (providing the other party has read or seen the message) Instant messaging chat pops up on the computer screen when you receive a message. Emails come direct to your computer and are easily accessible. 1. 3 Explain the purpose of keeping an electronic message system up to date Old emails take up space and should be deleted after so long, In order to free up space. Under the data protection act, we should only keep customer Information for as long as It Is needed.

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Likewise, we also have a shredder to get rid of printed bookings with sensitive information. Discard messages At our workplace, we use the northern rail email system. When we log into the computer, once we go to the email website, we are automatically logged on through our surname. We receive email from several different (TOT'S train operating companies) and we receive hundreds of emails a week, so we check them frequently o keep an eye on anything that could affect us in the station.

Nothing pops up on the task bar area and there is no sound alert so we must keep a tab open to check every now and then. To delete a message, we simply tick the box beside the email title and hit delete, or click the box at the top of the page to select the whole page and delete everything. Explain the purpose of leaving clear messages for others This is important in 1. 5 the station, because we are dealing with travel plans, so if a customer wants to travel o Manchester Piccadilly on the of August, we must verify when we make the booking that we have the correct date.

Sometimes it is possible to misinterpret what a person is saying so it is important to verify, and it standard practice to go over the booking with the customer before we hang up the phone. It is also important to try and not confuse the customer. We get a fair few passengers who are very new to traveling on the London Underground for example, so we try to not overcomplicated things for them.