Peggy Gant
Cal's little sister; she is a child that admires Cal. She helps him to take care of HotFoot by bringing the rabbit food in the night, and always yells "We've called the police!" before going outside to scare anyone away, which saves Cal one night when he is about to be stabbed by Lutterman. She is sympathetic towards the McCluskey dog and supports her brother by going to his basketball game.
Mr. Finley
Cal's employer; Cal does grocery deliveries for him, so he allows Cal to use it for things other than groceries, like taking Lola to the dance at the high school.
The owner of the liquor store that Cal stops by at to pick up liquor for his customers and steals liquor from to use in his plan for framing Lutterman. He catches Cal stealing from him one day and calls the police, causing Cal to get arrested and forcing him to serve a month of prison.
Steve Holland
Cal's friend who has leg problems due to polio; he also believes that he killed his own brother by not waking up when he died. Attempts to commit suicide after a dance.
Sandy Meyer
Cal's friend; they met in grade school when Cal got his tongue stuck to a pole and she got it off with bean soup. She is adopted and is in love with Scott McFarland.
Mrs. Ruth Lutterman
Gretchen's mother; in previous years, she denied what Gretchen said about Mr. Lutterman, saying that Gretchen was crazy, but she confessed that Gretchen had indeed been forced to kill her baby by Lutterman at the trial.
Ms. Whalman
Cal's and Gretchen's study hall teacher. She is often played pranks upon and forces Cal to have 7th period for a week.
A man at Cal's prison who takes Cal under his wing; claims to have been a professor at Northwestern University and gives Cal prison advice.
Helga Lutterman
Gretchen's older sister; she went crazy and was locked away in an insane asylum in Fergus Falls
Mr. McCluskey
The neighbor of the Gants; owns a dog that he abuses, but Horace Gant rescues the dog and it is adopted by an elderly lady.
Mr. Otto Lutterman
Gretchen's abusive father. He impregnates her with a child and then forces her to drown her own child. He physically and sexually abuses Gretchen, and he chases Cal with a knife when he sees Cal getting away with Jacob, almost stabbing him. He then attacks Cal in court but is sentenced for life to a prison in Stillwater.
Cal Gant
The protagonist of Until They Bring the Streetcars Back.
Gretchen Lutterman
A girl who is abused by her father; she relies upon Cal to express her feelings to him, and Cal works relentlessly to get her a good life, framing her father with the robbery of a liquor store, bringing her small presents, and even taking her out to Minneapolis.
Sergeant Riley
The officer that Cal calls to ask about Gretchen's abuse and what to do about baby Jacob; he recognizes that Cal framed Mr. Lutterman with liquor but still thinks rather highly of Cal.
Horace Gant
Cal's father; he is a passionate streetcar driver and drives the Mississippi line. He is very disappointed to learn that the streetcars are being taken out of service and dies at the end of the book from grief of having Cal go to prison.
Lola Muldoon
The girl that Cal loves. She first dates with Tom Bradford but then falls for Cal, dating him until he goes to prison.
Tom Bradford
Cal's friend. Cal is jealous of him in the beginning because he has good grades, is good at sports, and is dating Lola.
Jerry Douglas
Cal's friend, the prankster. He designs the scheme to drop the marbles at Ms. Whalman, yet pulls Steve off the bridge when Steve is contemplating suicide. He is also Jewish.
Scott McFarland
Cal's friend and Sandy's love subject. Goes out with Katie on New Years, which disappoints both Cal and Sandy.
Pastor Ostrum
The pastor of the church that Cal attends; Cal asks him to go to Gretchen's house to investigate her parents and to find something religiously wrong with them, but this mission fails, as he is convinced that the Luttermans are good religious people.
Mr. Rogers
The school counselor. When Cal goes to talk to him about Gretchen, he denies that a parent would ever abuse a child as Mr. Lutterman abuses Gretchen and essentially dismisses Cal's concerns as nothing to be worried about.
Jeanette Conley
Wife of the Runner, a man who would chase after Cal and his friends menacingly when they would knock on his door. He now is ill, so he is unable to communicate with Cal, but she is there to explain to Cal what the problem is and the fact that the Runner actually enjoyed chasing the kids and he did it for fun, never meant to hurt them.