Unnecessary Sacrifice Just as we wonder how past civilizations could be so barbaric as to practice sacrifice, future generations may wonder how our society could be so barbaric as to sacrifice even the unborn. Thus abortion should not be made legal. Because it is not determined when the fetus inside the mothers womb becomes an actual human being, it cannot be determined when abortion actually becomes murder. Until it can be determined when the fetus becomes an infant it should be considered murder at any point during pregnancy termination. Why do the largest percentage of abortions occur? Because childern are irresponsible.

Stupid, little, baby, girls start fooling around and OOPS.. they end up pregnant. Of course they are not ready for the responsibility of caring for a child or they just do not want that responsibility. In a lake near a university unborn baby remains were found. Girls attending the university who have had abortions dumped the fetus remnants in the lake.

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Murder is against the law. Lack of responsibility is becoming a growing problem in America. What will future civilizations think when they find baby remains? Abortion is a barbaric practice in which lives are taken, therefore abortion should not be made legal.