Unnatural births in Dad Parka Dad parka is the first of eighteen parkas of the great epic of Inhabitant. It is also the first book in Inhabitant that is considered to be the book of beginning. Inhabitant, ancient Indian epic is full of miracles, unnatural at the same time unbelievable and unquestionable things taking place, in the sense that there are specifically no satisfying explanation and Justification on their occurrence. Inhabitant is an epic which even consists of things that we see in today's world.

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It doesn't give a picture of very idealistic society unlike Ramadan, though it has examples of Portsmouth Pursue and existence of god. In fact it is told that Inhabitant consists of all the things that ever happened and is every going to happen. There are evidences of everything in Inhabitant that has ever happened to our civilizations and is happening in out today's modern world. Be it shift is sexuality, family division over inheritance, sharing husbands and wives, dowry, remarriage, widow remarriage, also gay sex with things that don't exist in even today's world e. G. Unnatural birth, be it from a pot or fire or test tube babies. Inhabitant alas about different kind of unnatural processes in bearing a child and the child birth, beginning from the short term pregnancy (as short as a boat ride) to long one (more than two years with no child), or getting pregnant invoking Gods, fish bearing a human child after consuming human semen or a child fertilizing or getting a life in pot of ghee with flash or from Just a semen. Also abandoned kids of nymphs and sages are all over the forest with some coming out from the (spiritual) fire as gifts from god.

Some examples of unnatural births in Inhabitant Shanghaiing 101 children: Karakas Ghanaian who once pleased Irish Was on his visit to Hastings's, earned a boon to be the mother of 100 very power full children in return of taking good care of the Was, and looking after his comforts during his stay in Hastings's. After the boon Gandhi soon became pregnant, though her pregnancy lasted for almost two years there were no signs of babies and she gave birth to a hard piece of lifeless flesh leaving her shattered against her expectation of hundred sons.

When She was about to throw away the piece of flesh, Irish Was appeared saying that his blessings could tot go in vain and to make his boon come true, He suggested Gandhi to arrange for one hundred Jars(pots) of Ghee each with one piece of flash. He said these Jars will turn into 100 sons after 2 years from now. But later Gandhi told Was about her desire to also have a daughter for which the sage agreed and asked to follow the same procedure but to cut the flash initial pieces this time. Finally after two more years of waiting, the Jars were ready to be opened.

First Jar which was of Turnaround, the eldest of son bought a bad omen and also was suggested to be killed by elders, to which Ghanaian did not agree and she became mother of one hundred powerful sons and a daughter called Daschle. This way karakas got their actual shape in the pot full of ghee symbolizing the significance of ghee as a holy object. The pot still is considered a sacred object in Indian tradition and symbolizes mother's womb. The story of miraculous birth of Shanghaiing children can also be taken as a record of occult secrets known to ancient sages.

It also hints at the idea of miscarriage and transferring it into live children by incubating them in magically charged pot of ghee. Birth of Guru Doran Dooryard is the son of Irish Abracadabra and an Passer name Criteria. Irish Abracadabra was a powerful and self controlled sage. One evening he went to River Gang to take bath to get ready for his evening prayers. But there he finds a beautiful woman bathing at his usual spot in the river. She was an Pappas name Criteria, who got out of the Gang River on arrival of Irish, wearing Just a single loin cloth.

The heavenly beauty of the Pappas moved the Irish. Suddenly Pappas Criteria slipped on the banks of the river and the loin cloth slipped from her body. The moment of lust overpowered the Irish and this incident lead to involuntarily remittance of the sage's semen. The Irish collected this sperm in a clay pot and stored it in a dark place in his Ashram out of which Drone was born. The name Drone suggests the way of this birth. Drama meaner pot and Droned is one who was born from the pot. Also it would not be wrong to say Dooryard as the first test tube baby in the world.

Birth of Satyriasis, a fisherman Satyriasis, mother of Was and great grandmother of Karakas and Pandas, was born inside a fish who consumed the semen of a king. She is daughter of Pritchard, the king of Chide and an Pappas turned fish (by Abraham's curse) Darkish. When king Pritchard went on the hunt of sly deer to fulfill his dead ancestors demands, he was still overpowered with the lust and wished to bore a child with his lovely wife Garcia (who also was born due to the unnatural union of mountain and river where mountain forced sex on the river)..

During the hunt in the Jungle blooming with festivity spring, he could not control his desires and thinking about his wife he released semen. He then decides to send it to his wife by a bird so that she can bear heir child immediately. But in a fight with one other bird, the bird carrying the semen looses it in the river Yamaha, which a fish (Darkish) consumes resulting into pregnancy with a human child. Finally one fisherman finds the fish and cuts it to find twin children, Satyriasis and her twin brother and Darkish release from the body of the fish and from her curse.

These various tales in Inhabitant are either showing some particular aspects drawing to one conclusion or they are merely the elaborate tales to cover kings and sage's indiscretion with other women. Other way to understand this particular story is that the king, who is not able to overpower his passion, ends up having sex or raping (like his father in law) a fisher girl called Darkish, who gave birth to these twin kids after 10 months of pregnancy. Many examples of unnatural births are of the illegitimate children born after nymph seduce ascetics and make them break vows of celibacy.

This recurring theme in Inhabitant values the householder's life over hermits. Birth of Draping and Determinants Draping, daughter of the king Draped, was a beautiful, sharp and righteous woman, who spoke her mind in the world of men. Draping was one very few women in Indian mythology who comes out as a strong personality having mind of her own and making her identity as first feminist of Indian mythology The circumstances leading to her birth began to take shape while her father was yet young and unmarried.

This started with the revenge by guru Drone, (of course with the help of Pandas') on the King Draped for insulting him and forgetting their childhood friendship and promises they made. This incident made them enemies, at least on the kings side, because of the humiliation he had to face. He vowed to destroy and each the lesson to Drone, who hurt him. One day, Draped asked two sages, to perform a yoga that could give Draped a son who could kill Drone and a daughter (Draping), who would marry Aragua, the greatest of Archer.

When the yoga was over, the sages offered the Pravda to Draper's wife but that time the queen had something in her mouth making sages to wait. Impatient sages got angry and put the Pravda in the yoga fire. Suddenly from the fire emerged a young warrior. Pajama also put Pravda in the fire giving rise to a beautiful woman who was destined to be the cause of destruction of evil. The woman came to be known as Draping after her father Draped and his brother, the warrior was called Authoritarian.

Churchyard and Karri Sheridan, brilliant and extraordinary son of Maharanis Augusta, who was born with a bow and arrow, possessed God gifted skills in archery. He was more inclined towards archery than Veda, worked hard towards perusing his passion for attaining mastery in all forms of warfare. His perfection in archery had reached appoint where he became unbeatable, simultaneously being the reason for panic amongst the Gods, especially Indri (FOCUSES! ). Indri was intimidated by the young archer and sent a beautiful Pappas, called Candid to distract him.

On the sight of the Pappas, Sheridan got caught in the moment, lost control over him and he dropped his bow and arrows. His semen fell on some grass by the edge dividing it into two parts from which a boy and a girl were born. These kids reminded him of his weak moment and disappointed Sheridan, so he abandoned the hermitage, his bow and arrow and went into the woods to perform penance. King Suntans came across these kids when he was hunting in forest and decided to bring them to his palace and raise them as is own children. He named them Karri and Karri.

They inherited the same skills in archery and Veda as their father did and later the boy Karri, also called Churchyard was appointed to train the royal princes Pandas and Karakas. Therefore we see once again how the concept of unnatural birth has been cleverly used to create the magnificent personality of a great warrior and guru Churchyard. And Karri was married off to guru Drone. Most of the personalities born this way were destroyer of Guru clan or the cause of the war of Amah Barbara. All of them have strong personality and major role to play in he epic.

Had it not been for Draping and her public disrobing, Panda's would not have been so furious on Karakas and raging a war against them. Or if Jambalaya had not killed by Krishna and later attacked by his friends, the whole match of gambling could have been stopped from happening under Krishna surveillance. Or also if Ghanaian would have killed her first son following the signs of bad omen, there would not have been evil overpowering the good leading to the war and cause of Inhabitant. This way most of these characters played a vital and strong role in he making of Inhabitant, every time creating more and more war like circumstances.

May be to show their power and significance, their births were shown miraculous and in unusual ways. Pandas had more of pious births but still natural. And they were more on the side of avoiding and stopping the war. Also of there were Just Pandas there would not have been any need of war against anyone or dharma. This makes Inhabitant is a tale of uncontrolled lusts - be it for land, wealth, power honor, fame, acceptance, vengeance, pleasure, and, above all, plain sexual lust. It is the story of lust in every imaginable form with the terrible consequences that uncontrolled lust leads to.

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