The corporate administration vs.. The vocation of learning" In this article "University wars: The corporate administration vs.. The vocation of learning", John McCarty argues that to provide these of us who reads the CPA magazine. And the author raised a problem university, which Is "Internal assault on academic freedom"(2009, p. 191) He means there are not some universities to promote learning or spread knowledge, they Just for increasing their money.

Author McCarty raises when he hires some teachers and academic employees, these stuff Just want to get their money from university, and they do not regard how Is knowledge spread. At present, some university presidents get more Income because they Increase the tuition, and students can not afford It. McCarty uses many reliable sources to present this situation. He uses these sources to explain it more precise as he introduces the problems about students, teacher and academic employees. "Bring your knowledge to market' is the master slogan of the corporate occupation. (2009, p. 191) Author McCarty thinks the university is more centralization, and the university presidents think themselves as a CEO of the firm, and a lot of corporate advertising Into the school. McCarty does not absolutely confirm his arguments, and he gives a example on the other hand, Like Paul Martin agrees with university becomes centralization, and he thinks mono is more important than education. Also, McCarty thinks university mangers control the knowledge copyright, but the can not spread knowledge free.

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After that, he list five repertories to explain what is a corporate administrations, and he gives some examples of destroy academic freedom, such as "Inciting students to formal complaint, publishing personal attacks, closing off academic resources. " (2009, p. 193) McCarty uses some article sources of the New York Times to expounds his opinion. Nobody knows what is standard of knowledge, and academics job just reduces the costs and increase the revenues. So, teaching Just means graduates want to make more money and neglect their money.

Besides, the university researchers should do project what corporations interesting is. The corporation is interested in a project that by "corporate-partnerships" (2009, p. 194), not "non-proprietary' (2009, p. 194). Corporate administration ask for professor to get money from outside to pay for graduate students, so the professor have to do that if they do not want to lose their researches. Yet, university research must avoid disagreement or conflict with funded, but this research is out of its own meaning. So, benefit is very important in the research, and external revenues decide the topics of the research.

McCarty thinks he reason of these problems are collective academic is lacking In the school. Method of the problems, what is lead to increase the student's tuition, out of research meaning, university becomes centralization, are cut some stuff who is at the top, and maintain faculty members. He thinks faculty associations and unions must protect the objectives of university learning, even strike, to against the system of corporate administrations.