Low Physical Effort population. It incorporates accessible barrier-free design into homes, creating housing that is marketable to everyone. Universal design avoids using special assisted technology, and instead employs design features consumer that are easy to use and widely available. 7. Size and Space for Approach has increased accordingly. Home designs today often live. Homes challenges this aging Implementing DUD features can create environments where people can remain in their homes as they age. And Use 15. % of Sacramento County's population is disabled*, which revised even more demand for Universal Design features. DUD provides a safer environment for disabled and elderly people, promoting an independent, "aging-place" lifestyle. Because Universal Design features are meant to be used by all ages and abilities, these homes anticipate the future needs of individuals and are still useful at their current age. *American Community Survey 2007 How will Universal Design benefit the developer? There are many incentives for developers to incorporate DUD into their own housing projects:

Additional Resources: Center for Universal Design: http://design. NCSC. Dude/cud Universal Design Alliance: http://www. Universalistic. Org Community Development: Universal design homes are marketable to the entire public because they are designed with all abilities in mind. Http://www. Planning. Accounts. Net Department of Housing & Community Development: http://www. Hoc. Ca. Gob Developers can receive density bonuses for implementing DUD features. There is a growing demand for DUD home features, especially from the aging baby boomer enervation.

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The number of individuals over 55 is expected to reach 85 million by rental are required to offer to install accessible housing design features, but only at the purchaser's cost. This applies Contact: Tim Shaky, Planner Department of Planning and Community Development 916. 874. 5982 [email protected] Net or Planning Receptionist 916. 874. 6141 As of July 2004, builders of forsake DUD installation practices are easily integrated into home building businesses. UNIVERSAL duplex, triplex, and town homes. Single family, condominium,