After the US states North Carolina and Alabama issued warnings against a Ponzi scheme called “Profitable Sunrise”, which claims to be owned by a company called Inter Reef Ltd. (based in United Kingdom), owned by Roman Novak and Radoslav Novak, the FSA (Financial Services Authority) of the United Kingdom also put Profitable Sunrise on the list of non licensed investment schemes.

At the same time New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority claims that it is also looking into the activity of the Ponzi scheme. This information has been published at the New Zealand Herald. Profitable Sunrise has been put on the public warning list this week and the following statement has been made by a spokesman of the FMA: “Generally speaking, we put firms on this list when we have serious concerns about the way they are operating and that they might pose a serious risk to people doing business with them.”

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Profitable Sunrise is currently in the process of running away because of the high interest authorities recently show regarding this Ponzi scheme. At the moment Profitable Sunrise is paying selective and it is blocking big accounts. Still it gets promoted and defended by the usual crowd of Ponzi pimps on well known Ponzi forums like Talkgold or MoneyMakerGroup as well as the so called “HYIP blogs”.

It will be interesting to see if some authorities manage to catch the owner of the Profitable Sunrise Ponzi scheme, like it happened some time ago with Zeek Rewards, Legisi and AdSurfDaily. According to the Patrick Pretty blog, these Ponzi schemes scammed a combined sum of at least $791 million, according to court filings in the United States.