As a student, at times you would encounter difficulties in comprehending certain topics or subjects. A number of factors are responsible for this academic challenge. These factors include the following (1) Relationship between the student and the teacher, some students don't Just like the teacher for reasons best known to them (2) Once there is a problem with the teaching and assertion process then assimilation becomes difficult (3) Lack of calmness on the side of the student as well impatience of the teacher. 4) The student's temperamental disposition, this could from a reader view include the natural interest of the student, while some are very good in calculations but have problems with essay, others could be very bright in essay but find calculations difficult. At times you need to do well in both calculation and essays if you want good grades. It is important you develop interest for whatever course of study or subject in which you find yourself.

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At the university, this affected a number of my course mates: they actually did not want to study History due to their misconception of the discipline which is a consequence of the economic depression in Nigeria. Their eyes were totally blind to the benefits of being humanists. Most of them wanted Law, Business Administration, Accounting etc. Those of us who had likeness for the course were able to see the benefits of studying History and we were able to get good grades, unlike the others who battled with low grades.

You must develop likeness and interest for subjects or topics that pose difficult. There is need to develop likeness for your teacher. Don't look at his/her weaknesses. We all have certain weak points, but see his/her strengths. This is psychological. You have to appreciate the teacher the same way you develop likeness for the subject. SMART & SOOT I will like you to know and understand two methods that helped me in tackling difficult topics and subjects. These are the SMART and SOOT methods.

SMART: Seek counsel Meditate Analyze Respond by Applying Take charge When you find a subject or topic difficult, it is good you seek the counsel or advice of your teacher or those who had gone ahead of you in that field, even your mates who understand the subject better. Seek their assistance so they can explain the difficult areas to you. Humility Is a prerequisite to learning. You could as well see a glance counselor, if available. Meditate on the solutions provided by your counselor or your "helper".

As you meditate on these details, analyze them and see how you can apply them, evaluate your self, how well have you improved in understanding the subject or topic. You have to be sincere with yourself. This should be your response to the analysis. Take charge, that is, take responsibility, be serious, be committed towards a full comprehension; be consistent and keep at it. "Rome was not built in a day'. "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step" but in the right direction. Be determined. Talk to God about it, I am sure He will give you wisdom for comprehension.