Engineering Education In Karakas , Belgium ( Technological University) is the most prominent term in the context of Engineering Education in Karakas because it is the lone university in the same area. Has become a dominant term even in minds of intellectuals In our state, Irrespective of the fact whether you Like It or not. The overall standard of engineering education In Karakas partially depends on the standards set by the '. I am not making any statements regarding the standards of our university in this essay.

Technological university came Into existence with the assistance of Karakas State Government and continues to be under Its . All colleges under have the same syllabus and lab apparatus. There were about 190 engineering colleges in our state in the year 2012. Apart from Manual university and NICK , all engineering colleges in Karakas are directly or indirectly affiliated to . There are two types of colleges under - the first category Is 'autonomous' and the other one is 'directly affiliated'. Both of them enjoy vastly different amounts of acceptance, but are equally popular terms.

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Autonomous colleges set their own question paper for final exams and the correction is again done In the same college, Autonomous colleges do not have external question papers with external correction. All famed and old colleges come under the autonomous scheme. There were five autonomous colleges under till the year 2008 and there are twelve colleges at present. Colleges which are relatively new and are of lower repute come directly under the university. These colleges have external theory and lab exams during each semester. Approximately ninety five percent of engineering colleges in Karakas come under his scheme.

Association with a common university has brought uniformity in standards among colleges located in different parts of our state. NICK , Is the lone NIT (National Institute of Technology) In Delhi) under the Central Got. Of India. All NITS across our country follow a common curriculum set up by (Central Counseling Board). NICK is the only institution under Central Got. In Karakas which offers undergraduate programs in Engineering. Educational institutions under Manual University are fully private varsities in character with no inclination on either State or Central Gob.

The Engineering College of Manual University is MIT (Manual Institute of Technology) and is located in Manual, . MIT follows the syllabus of IT . Manual University boosts the highest quality of living standards for students in India. Manual University has its headquarters in Manual, . The improvement in All India Standards has become stagnant during the past few years. New Delhi officials are not able to find areas where there is scope for improvement remaining. The national demographics of standards in education have been changing lately. Quality, quantity and difficulty level are three different terms.

All India level institutes have curriculum of higher quantity and difficultly level relative to institutions associated with Karakas State Gob. The Karakas State Gob. Is trying to bring down the difference in quality. The All India Education is the most complicated, difficult and different educational system in the world. They are not even aware of the fact that India is a technology deficit country. All technology in India is imported from other developed countries. The Quantity and difficulty level of All India level has failed to yield desirable results.