They have all of their deals and price plans on the site but also have additional information such as sport news and music. The site has been well designed and is updated regularly, this is important as it makes it easy for customers to look for what they want. The other good thing about having a well designed site is that customers believe that it has been made for them so they will be pleased to see that it is good quality. Also most people now have the chance to get onto the internet so this type of advertising will target many consumers. Product Businesses main aim is to sell their products to their customers.

They want to sell enough of the product in order to make a profit. To do this they must get the price of the product right and I have talked about how price plays a major part in T mobiles marketing mix in the first section. T mobile also uses product in their market mix. 'Product' covers the design and the image of the product. The design of a product is how well the product has been made, and what the product looks like. If a product has a complete different design from its competitors it will catch the attention of customers this might mean that the customers will by that product rather than others.

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The image of a product depends on the public. The products are usually 'cool' and everybody wants to own one. The product is usually very expensive and only a limited number of people can have them. Because there are only a limited number people want to have one. This causes there to be a greater demand for the product so the business can charge a higher price. All products have a life cycle; it is the time in which consumers want to have the product. The consumers would want different types of the product so the business selling the product would have to change it. Some products have a short life cycle, such as electronic devices.

But others have long life cycles; a good example of this is coca cola T mobile uses product as part of their marketing mix. The company spends a lot of time and money on developing new products so they always have new products on the market so they can compete with their competitors. T mobile are always bringing out new products so the company is never are any were exactly on the product life cycle. The company makes many products and each of these is on the cycle. So if they bring out a new phone with a new technology this is at the start of the cycle but at the same time there may be a phone that is going out of date.

Place 'Place' is where a product is sold and is also the type of distribution that is used to get the product from the manufacturer to the consumer. If a business has an amazing product which everybody wants but nobody knows where to get it from, that business will not sell anything. So a company must choose where it is going to sell its product very carefully. Also, if a company that makes mp3 players is selling them outside the factory gates, they will not sell many; the company has not got the method of distribution right, which is vital for a company which wishes to survive.

Most of T mobiles products are made in China or other countries in the Far East. This is because costs very little to make them there as the workers have a lower wage than if the products were made in the west. When the goods have been finished they are shipped to the countries where they are to be sold. They are then stored in warehouses before being distributed to the areas which need them, this is when the products get to the high street shops to be sold to the consumers.

T mobile has shops all over the country; some of these are specialist T mobile shops but they sell most of their products through phone retail companies such as the Carphone Warehouse which sell T mobile products as well as other makes. They also sell some products in large supermarkets such as Tesco. This is a very good way of selling products as it covers a wide range of customers and therefore lots of people will become aware of the products. Place has become less important with the increased accessibility of the internet.

Customers can buy products off the internet; they can choose the product and pay for it without leaving the home. Also the product is sent to the buyer directly from the company. This means that the retailing shops in the towns are not needed much more. This is good for the customers as it is so easy for them to buy the products; it is not so good for the companies because when the customer uses the internet they usually know exactly what they want. When a person goes into a high street shop they are actually seeing the product but they are also seeing other products which they may be tempted to buy.

T mobile also sells their products with the use of catalogues. The phone retailing shops such as Carphone Warehouse puts the products into the catalogue which the customers can take home and order by phone of by order form this saves the customer time and effort. It is good for the company as they are selling the product directly to the customer so they do not need to use the retailer which means that they get a greater of the profit as they do not need to pay the retailer money for selling the product.