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Two of minds
Two of minds
Thus far, I read a very interesting book by a notorious author, William H
Keith Jr. He wrote a book titled Two of Minds. Its a very fascinating
book that I would recommend to many young readers who love to read on subjects
pertaining to sci-fi. It might have been confusing in some parts of the book,
but as you read on you are able to further understand the context of what was

In a city named Lison, where it was separated into to parts, the affluent and
the poor. The government had separated into to because he hated when the poor
would steal from wealthy tourists, and give Lison a bad name. An example of one
young thief is young man named Spacer. He at one time sneaked passed a guard to
the wealthy part of town.

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Spacer was about 14 years old, with dirty blond hair. He came from a poor
background. He was highly motivated by a deck of holo-tarot cards that were
given to him by his grandmother, which are passed down from generation to
generation. He finds him self in a great deal of changes as the story goes on.

Another main character is Ta Shan Ta. She was an alien that could read minds.

She was also a very special scientist, that worked with a group of scientist to
establish a mission to Plant Storm, which at the end is a very successful one.

While Spacer was at the wealthy side, he picked a few pockets and had become
a guide for a very affluent man, named Mr. Thorns. Mr. Throne was from Earth,
and was supposed to be part of this mission to Storm. Spacer gained Mr. Thrones
trust and guided him around Lison. At the end, after taking Mr. Throne to his
hotel, Spacer stole a secretary from Mr. Throne. A secretary is like a Palm
Pilot to point that out. After walking a few feet, Spacer felt guilty about
stealing Thrones secretary because he gained his trust, and was actually
treated like a human and as a friend for the first time.

While going back to return the secretary, he noticed that a group of 4 men
took Throne and searched him for something. What that something is was unsure to
Spacer. They began beating Throne up because he wasnt giving them what they
wanted. One man later pulled out a gun, looked around to make sure no one was
their and then murdered Throne. After witnessing such a crime, Spacers heart
was pounding extremely fast that he knew that it could be heard. The killer
spotted Spacer and began to chase him. But Spacer out-ran the man and got away
from them.

Spacer was later considered a suspect for Thrones death after he was
found. The cops said that he was heavily armed and dangerous. Spacer then
broke into the secretary and went into the address book and scheduler. He found
the address of the hotel and a room number. He suspected that he was supposed to
meet his friends in that room. Spacer went into the hotel unnoticed, sat in the
lobby and did a tarot reading for him self to see what he should to next. A card
came up meaning a big change in his life was about to occur. With that he went
upstairs and gave the secretary to Thrones friends. He told them what had
happened, but two of the members didnt believe that he didnt kill Throne.

But Ta Shan Ta, had telepathic powers and could read minds, she read Spacers
mind, and his thoughts and said that he wasnt a killer. They all believed Ta
Shan Ta, but one was still in doubt. Spacer was told about the mission and then
he slowly asked if he could go along instead of Throne. They didnt follow
through with that right away. But were convinced that he could come.

They ran to some troubles, which are better left unsaid to that the whole
story is ruined. They took off of Lison and went off to Storm. On their way
there, two ships from an enemy who knew about Storm and wanted to beat them to
the planet and attacked them. They destroyed one ship, but 2 were still on their
tails, but far behind.

They made it to Storm and safely landed. They got some sleep, and began their
mission in the morning. A few days into the mission they ran into major
problems, which one way or another was solved.

The first conflict that occurred was that the enemy had captured their ship
and they four people that were on the ship were also captured. But there were
four other people outside the ship exploring, and found an enemy site and
discovered a few stormies who knew English and helped them to strengthen the
vocabulary of a translator used to communicate with non-English speaking
stormies. But two of them were captured and two escaped an attack led by the
enemy. Spacer and Marcia were captured but Ta Shan Ta and Diana got away. The
ones that were captured were put into labor and were forced to work for their
enemy, VoidCorp.

Ta Shan Ta and Spacer worked together since they both had telepathic powers
and could silently communicate from long distances, and planned to lead a battle
and the stormies, since they are surprisingly strong, would be a great help to
get rid of VoidCorp. The battle was led and they won, but at the end many
stormies died from a hidden gate, which made artificial lighting that, they
couldnt stand. But they got their ship back and killed many of VoidCorp
employees that were on Storm and left the planet.

Spacer changed a whole lot from the beginning of the story. He was a thief
that always would steal to make a living, but then he changed to a completely
honest man that gained the trust of people who he could call his friends. Ta
Shan Ta, being his closest friend, decided to send him to a Ranger school in
Arles, another city. His dreams would come true, and he would be able to explore
many planets just like how he just did.

I believe that the point of this story was to prove to us, that one could
change only if you give them time and if that person is wanting to. Spacer was a
great man, who completely changed throughout the book. Even though it should
that it might take some bad to make a good was the answer to how he changed.

That was wrong, but it should that one could change and I believe that thats
why William H. Keith Jr. wrote this great and fascinating novel.