Two-child policy is a government-imposed limit of two children allowed per family. It is used for some population groups in China, has previously been used in Vietnam, and has lately been discussed in the Philippines. Although not by law, in sass, citizens of Hong Kong were also highly encouraged to have two children as a limit, and it was used as part of the region's family planning strategies.

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For me, I agree for the Two-Child Policy, because if there is a Two-Child Policy the population of our country will be controlled and prevents overcrowding because if our country will have over population, there will be more informal settlers, there is little opportunity or meaner for anyone to succeed or make any real progress in finance, not enough place to build houses, producing more food than normal which can affect the environment, not enough Jobs to provide, increase of pollution, more deaths due to lack of hospitality and raising forests to provide space.

Two-Child Policy prevents lower income households from having children that they cannot afford to are for because if you have many child you cannot buy their needs but if you have only two child you can buy all their needs. And less of an impact on the environment. And with population control there is more control of pollution because if our country will have less population the pollution will decrease but if our country will have over population the pollution will increase.

And if we have many children, it can prevent lack of education. And if we have many children, it can prevent malnutrition because if we have many children there will be a possibility to get poor and if you get poor o cannot buy many foods and you will divide the food into many pieces, For example you have 8 children and your food is Just a small can of sardines, and you will divide it into small pieces.

And if our country will have the Two-Child Policy our children will have a better future. But it has disadvantages too, if you have only two child there will be a possibility that your children will be lonely or sad. It does impede on an adult's right to bear children, which causes some stir among the general population. It violates the rights f the family to choose the number of kids it can 'contain', it's the state when parent's could provide the basic necessities of each child. Although the less privileged should be thinking twice before bringing in another person on earth. The Two-Child Policy may have "disastrous" social consequences, with couples aborting third pregnancies, giving children up for adoption, or failing to register a child's birth thus violating human rights. But I believe that if we follow this policy our country will have a successful life. Two Child Policy By promiscuousness