Where does the play open?
The Duke has a very famous speech, in the beginning of the play, about love. How is the Duke feeling about love as the play opens?
He loves love. He says "if music be the food of love, play on. Give me excess of it, that surfeiting, that the appetite might sicken and so die." Here he compares love to food and says he wants to each so much that he dies. He is in love with Lady Olivia
What news does Valentine bring the Duke? How does the Duke take this news?
Olivia is mourning for her brother, who recently died. She wears a dark veil, and she has vowed that no one will see her face for another seven years- and she refuses to marry anyone until then. Orsino simply ignores this and keeps daydreaming about his time with Olivia. He says that Olivia will be in love with him and he will be in love with her.
What country has Viola arrived in in Act 1 scene 2?
What does Viola think has happened to her brother? How does the captain give her some hope about Sebastian?
She thinks he has drowned. The captain says that he saw Sebastian trying to keep afloat by tying himself to a broken mast.
What do Viola and Olivia seem to have in common?
They both have brothers who are/were in endanger of death. Both have some sort of tie to Orsino
What plan does Viola propose to the captain?
She will disguise herself as a young man and seek service with Duke Orsino. She promise to pay him well.
What kind of person does Sir Toby appear to be? Why?
He is cheerful, amusing, but usually tipsy. He drinks a lot and is constantly drunk.
What does Sir Toby say to Sir Andrew to keep him from leaving?
That he is a perfect match for his niece and there is a high chance that he can marry her
Provide one clue from this scene that suggests the following:
a. Maria has a "thing" for Sir Toby.
She plays hard to get. One minutes she's holding his hand the next she's rejecting his hand and making fun of him
What name has Viola given herself as she pretends to be a man?
How do we know that the Duke has really taken to Viola, his new pageboy?
Valentine tells her that Cesario considers him a close friend.
He insists on picking Cesario to go on his most important errand: to carry his messages of love to Olivia
Why does the Duke argue that Viola is better suited for the task than an older servant? Where is there humor in this?
Cesario is young and handsome and says that he has beautiful features that are similar to a woman's. He doesn't know that Cesario who is actually Viola, a woman
How does Viola feel about performing the task for the Duke? What is revealed about Viola's feelings for the Duke?
She feels uncomfortable performing the task. She reveals that she loves him when she says "I'll do my best to make this lady love you! But what a tough task!- I have to go matchmaking for the man I want to marry myself.
In the beginning of this scene Maria is arguing with the clown (Feste) over his long absence. What does the clown imply about Maria and Sir Toby to shut her up?
"If Sir Toby wold leave drinking, thou wert as witty a piece of Eve's flesh as any in Illyria."

She would be the wittiest person in Illyria if Sir Toby didn't have a drinking problem

Why doesn't Olivia want to see the clown or have him around?
he betrayed her with his dishonesty
What does the clown say when Olivia asks her servants to take him away?
That he made a mistake but he is no longer a sinner
What does the clown say he can prove if Olivia gives him a chance to?
He says he can prove that Olivia is a fool
How does the clown win his argument?
The Fool asks why she is mourning and she responses with her brother's death. The Fool says he thinks his soul is in hell and Olivia says she knows his soul is in heaven. The Fool then says she is the real fool for being sad that her brother is in heaven
What does Malvolio think of the clown? How does the clown feel about Malvolio?
He does not like the Clown. He calls the clown old and unwise.

The clown does not like Malvolio either

Who is waiting at the gate to see Olivia, and who keeps him there rather than send him away?
Maria and Cesario is the one waiting for her.
What state is Sir Toby in when he returns from the gate to see Olivia? Who does Olivia ask to look after him?
He is drunk. The fool
When Malvolio returns, why does he say he is unable to get rid of the stranger?
Malvolio continues to give excuses but he refuses to leave until he speaks to Olivia
How does Malvolio describe the person at the gate to Olivia?
He is in-between a boy and a man. He's very handsome and speaks well. He's very young and looks like he just stopped breastfeeding.
What does Olivia ask "Cesario" to do with his speech?
to keep it to himself
Why do you think Viola might want to see Olivia's face?
to see her competition
What does Viola think of Olivia?
she thinks that she is pretty and nice
How does Olivia respond to what "Cesario" has to say about the Duke's love?
She says it means nothing and she's heard it all before
Once Olivia is alone, what does she admit has caught her off-guard?
she has a crush on Cesario (Viola)
What does Olivia send Malvolio to do and why do you suppose she does this?
She sends a ring with Malvolio so Cesario (Viola will have a reason to come back)