Magnum also invented a mini- bar product line (smaller bars with 150 calories), in order to cater to some people’s need of keeping diet It has developed new technologies to improve the creaminess of ice-cream: The single screw cold extrusion technology. Besides being able to reduce the fat content of the product Using this new technology they were able to successfully launch a reduced fat (6% fat) packaged ice cream with full fat quality, claiming an 'extra creamy taste'.

They also have found a way to make ice cream healthier as well as really tasty. It has all been possible thanks to a new ice cream ingredient discovered by Unilever's ice cream scientists - ‘ice structuring protein’ (ISP). This protein allows us to make ice cream which are lower in fat, sugar and calories and at the same time include more fruit. Combining ISP with stabilizer technology allows them to make products that additionally don’t melt so easily. In addition, by 2015 they aim to source 100% of the cocoa in every Magnum from RAINFOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIEDTM farms. This increases the value of its products.

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Unilever has developed strong distribution channels and maintained a close relation with retailers, specially smaller ones that are persuade to rent Unilever’s freezers and forced to sell their products. Even Magnum is a premium ice cream, it is accessible to local grocery stores and supermarkets. In most major supermarkets and 24-hour convenience stores in any countries it distributed.At the recent launch held at URBN Bar and Kitchen, Magnum revealed its new Chocolatier Collection: with Magnum Chocolate Brownie, and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry. With two unique new flavors Magnum is offering a more pleasurable and exciting experience to suit one’s personal preference

Unilever has an integrated marketing strategy across all of its top brands, including both online and offline media. However, Magnum was the first Unilever brand to run a search marketing campaign. As Kate Driver (Magnum Account Manager at media agency Mindshare) explains, “Unilever used Google AdWords for the first time for the launch of their new range Magnum 5 Senses in 2005. It was used in conjunction with other online and offline media.”

Customer satisfaction

A taste panel of chefs and editorial staff at The Food Channel gave the bars a try, and, yes they are very, very good. The ice cream has a truly premium flavor, and the thick Belgian chocolate coating delivers an exceptional taste experience. “Magnum ice cream bars are loved and enjoyed by ice cream aficionados internationally,” says Gina Kiroff,Brand Building Manager, Ice Cream, Unilever Canada. “Worldwide, over a billion Magnum ice cream bars are sold every year.

Unilever global CEO Paul Polman has announced that the Magnum ice cream brand has become a Billion Euro Brand saying ‘Magnum is one of the greatest success stories in the history of consumer goods’. Sold in 50 countries, Magnum is Europe’s top ice cream brand. Magnum also became the number-one super-premium stick brand in the US within four months of launch, according to Nielsen Magnum did so well in U.S. test markets in 2010 that Havelock pushed up its U.S. debut from 2012 to April 2011. Supported by a marketing budget of about $15 million, Magnum became one of Unilever’s “big bets” of 2011. Sales hit $100 million in the first year, surpassing Unilever’s forecasts by 50 percent

1. Costs and benefits of marketing orientation Benefits

By being market- oriented, Magnum is better able to gather information about customers and competitors, more able to analyze the information that is collected, and thus more able use the knowledge gained to guide current and future strategies. There are some crucial benefits for Magnum when applying marketing concept. Making customers a top priority can be a big advantage in a competitive industry. When competitors put too much time and effort into product engineering and development, they are less equipped to build solutions that appease the demands of insightful customer markets. When customers are satisfied their need, company can get customer satisfaction.

When customers get satisfied, it increases customers’ retention. Because the customers now have the great attention of the company, customers receive faster responses to their needs and thus feel like they are receiving the care they deserve. This makes it much harder for competition to gain your customers’ attention and makes it much harder for the customer to entertain the competition. And finally, when customers are familiar with the company products, they will become loyals to the company. Brand loyalty alone is a distinct advantage in the market because it develops a customer base resistant to attempts from competitors to attract business. Loyal customers buy more frequently and in larger volumes. They are also less susceptible to competition and more willing to pay higher prices. All of these business benefits mean the company has much better ability to remain viable and successful as long as it retains the marketing concept.

To illustrate the success of Mugnum, according to Bloomberg Businessweek, Americans has now consumed more than 100 million Magnum bars.. The Anglo-Dutch group made the claim as it revealed that sales of Magnum broke the 1 billion euros ($1.26bn) barrier last year. Marketing orientation also helps Magnum to create stronger strategic relationships relationship between the organization and the customer. Customers will become more involved, values become shared, strategies co-develop, and mistakes tend to promote a two-way communication on how the problem can be solved together. The intangible value that is delivered by being market-oriented allows the organization to become a partner rather than just a vendor. Then customers will be more loyal.

With continuous – updated customer feedbacks, Magnum can also make adjustments over time and will look to the market to guide product improvements and upgrades. Knowing what customers want not only helps develop products to suit, it helps Magnum better market them persuasively to grow your customer base and sales levels It also helps Magnum drive constant improvement in company processes and systems because it promotes a "culture of experimentation." Company leaders and functional departments perpetually explore opportunities to improve upon product and service offerings to adapt to current and future needs of customers. The noticeable success of Magnum is that almost every countries it entered, customer is attracted and keep consuming Magnum ice cream. Magnum is also even famous in countries that it has not entered like Vietnam.

Costs A strong market orientation does come with significant costs.

The activities involved in carrying out a marketing oriented business operation are time-consuming and expensive. To effectively implement a market orientation, Magnum must invest in extensive marketing research. Research before, during and after product or service launches takes significant time and investment. Product-oriented companies are often using this time to further product research and development. Additionally, marketing oriented businesses often invest in customer care and service activities such as follow up, returns and other efforts to satisfy customer demands. Therefore, clearly defined communication channels to allow for efficient response times are required.