I will be talking about the issues and themes of the novel, tomorrow when the war began and why I recommend it as a text worthy of studying in year 9. There are various issues and themes in the novel that make it interesting. The issue of this book is that a small country town gets invaded by unknown enemies while the teenagers go on a camping trip. The whole town wasn't prepared for an invasion and no one expected it, even the teenagers never thought of it happening until they came back from the camping trip. This novel shows that war can happen to anyone.

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They had never been affected so much by the outside world before which made it a challenge to fight back to a situation so sudden. There are a variety of themes in this book, a very important theme is change. The teenagers were forced to change their lives because of war. Change is important because it happens to everyone at some stage in their lives. We see that Homer changes from a wild and outrageous teenager to a trusted and quick thinking leader. When the war started, Homer didn't have enough time to cause trouble and play pranks on other people. Some other themes are survival and teamwork.

The teenagers had to and learn to survive in the wild while camping. They also had to work together during the war to survive. Teamwork is important for overcoming obstacles and challenges like coming up with more ideas. Towards the end of the novel, they had to think of a way to blow up the bridge, with the group's combined effort, they successfully blew up the bridge. As you can see, this novel has issues and themes that make the novel interesting and can relate to real life. This is why I recommend this novel worthy of studying in year 9. Thank you for listening.