Tommy Boy is a hysterical comedy starring Chris Farley and David Spade. It takes place in the industrial town of Sandusky Ohio. Tommy Boy (farley) has to run his father's auto business after he suddenly dies at his own wedding. He was getting married to Bo Derek and from that marriage Tommy Boy got a step brother played by Rob Lowe. Well Derek and Lowe form a plot to try and sell the auto parts company to make alot of money. Tommy Boy does everything in his power to stop them, he and Spade go on the road from city to city trying to push there auto parts to other dealers. The ending is that tommy boy saves the business and even the town by showing that derek and lowe arent the rightful owners. Chris Farley later died of a drug overdose. Farley and Spade also teamed up in a similar comedy called Black Sheep. Farley again played the clown and Spade had to watch over him. In this comedy Farley plays the brother of Al Donalley, soon to be a washington senator. Spade has the job of keeping Farley out of trouble because that trouble led to trouble for his big brother. This movie is alot similar to Tommy Boy because they basically play the same roles. I liked both movies a lot and would recommend them to anyone who enjoys comedies. Especially those people who like Saturday Night Live. Farley and Spade make an excellent duo and its to bad that they can't make anymore pictures.

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