Tombstone is a movie set back in the 1800's whenever people were allowed to carry guns and murders in the towns were a usual thing. This particular movie includes several legends of the "Old West", such as Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Texas Jack, Johnny Ringo, and several others. Doc Holliday was the calm sarcastic type, who was addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. Because of Doc's addiction, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis which often made him sick. Doc's wife was a party-type girl, with no cares whatsoever pertaining to her husband or herself.. Wyatt Earp had two brothers, Morgan and Virgil. Virgil was oldest, followed by Wyatt, and Morgan was the youngest. Wyatt's wife, Mattie, was addicted to opium, and did not get along too well with her husband. Although Wyatt and his wife had arguments, Wyatt's brothers never seemed to have problems with their wives. Because of his troubles with his wife, Wyatt finds a woman who is in the town for a short time because she is an actress and he falls in love with her. There also was a group of bandits known as "The Cowboys", who raided the town and killed people for no reason. The Cowboys wore red sashes on their belts to show their participation in this group. The main character of The Cowboys was Johnny Ringo, who was known to be a quick shooter. This is just a brief sketch of the main characters involved in the story.

The story begins with The Cowboys raiding an innocent Spanish village, where a wedding had just taken place. As the Cowboys walk into the village, everyone is terrified and motionless. The Cowboys state that the Spanish "killed two cowboys", then they proceed to murder everyone in the town and eat their feasts that were made for the wedding. After The Cowboys have raided the town, the scene switches to Wyatt Earp, who used to be a "Peace Maker", getting off a train and seeing a young man beating a horse with a rope. This angers Wyatt into taking the horse away from the man, and slapping the man with the rope to show him how it feels. After that, Wyatt meets up with his two brothers Morgan and Virgil, and their wives. They decide to go into town and look for a place to stay. They find a nice hotel to stay in, while they are making money via gambling. The families are happy and making money very well in the town...until The Cowboys start rustling up people and making the town a living hell. The Cowboys raise enough hell to get the Earp brothers as well as Doc Holliday extremely mad, forcing them to join the police force. The two groups get into an argument and end up settling it with a fight in the lot behind the O.K. Corral. During the fight, the Law Side kills three of the Cowboys. This is the turning point of the story.

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After this killing occurred, The Cowboys started really rampaging the town, burning down buildings, scaring women and children, and just doing things the way they wanted to. Well, one stormy night, The Cowboys plan an attack, which causes Morgan Earp to die, and Virgil Earp to lose the use of his left arm. After this happens, Virgil, his wife, Wyatt's wife, and the deceased Morgan's wife leave the town on a train. Wyatt and Doc stay behind and form a posse who's intentions are to "kill any man wearing a red sash". The posse raids the towns and kills every single man they see who is wearing a red sash. Towards the end, Wyatt Earp gets the message that Johnny Ringo wants to have a shoot out by the big oak tree in the grove. Since Doc was sick, he was forced to stay at a ranch until he got better. As Wyatt was going to the big oak to meet his death, Doc sneaks out of the ranch and finds Johnny Ringo waiting under the tree for Wyatt. Johnny thinks that the person coming is Wyatt, when it is actually Doc Holliday, the only person he can't beat. The two square off, and Doc shoots him right square in the middle of the forehead, killing him instantly. After all the cowboys are shot and dead, Doc was sent to a rest home to die a slow and painful death. At the very end, Wyatt visits Doc at the rest home to show his love and gratitude, and they talk for a brief moment, and then Doc insists that Wyatt leave. Wyatt agrees, and says "Thanks for always being there Doc", as soon as he's threw saying this, Doc Holliday dies in his bed. After he dies, Wyatt hunts down the lovely lady he was in love with, and they become a couple and live the life they both want. That is the end of Tombstone.