Canadians, And Why They Should Be
Banned From America.

Canadians are an evil race of people who do not believe in unity, harmony, or the respect of other countries borders, namely the U.S. border. If you agree read on, if not, continue anyway. In this essay I hope to persuade you, the reader, to fear and hate the abomination that has been brought upon the world, that is right I am referring to our northern neighbors the Canadians.
First and foremost I would like to talk about the problem of Canadian unification. The Canadians cannot keep their country together; this is due to widespread resentment of each other and their government. The Canadian province of Quebec has tried many times to secede from the nation of Canada. The Quebecans, which are Canadian (currently) have a very large problem with unifying. They have their own official language, French, which subsequently causes all the signs in Canada to be in both French and English. If the Canadian government were stronger and not a Socialist one then they would be able to keep their people in line. The Canadians also have a very high immigration rate to the U.S., this is attributed to the fact that the people are unhappy living with each other thus causing hatreds and enemies within the country thus destroying the very idea of unity within the Canadian borders.

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Canadians also have a huge problem with falling in line with other countries. They resent international harmony and that is why they must little differences in their country, that way they can not join the rest of the world in one total earth government. Many countries nowadays are becoming democracies. Why? These countries realize that although the system isn't perfect it is better than Communism or any diluted form like Socialism, which is the current system of government in Canada. A second small difference in Canada is the Mounties. Why can't the Canadians call them Police like the rest of the world, because the feel that they have to be different than everyone else. The third way is their money. Canadians do not have any of their heads-of-state, past or present on their money. They have animals or the great Queen Elizabeth. Why? Again it is because the Canadians feel that they have to be different and want to taunt the God-fearing British by putting the British Queen on their Canadian money.

Canadians have absolutely no respect for the U.S./Canadian border. This border is the largest unprotected border in the world. Do the Canadians respect the sovereignty of the U.S? No! They immigrate freely to the U.S. every year, thousands of them. Why doesn't their Government stop them? It is because they have no respect for the current problem of illegal immigration plaguing our nation. The Canadian government also makes no effort of any kind to stop the smuggling of Canadian goods to the U.S. The Canadian black-market filters down into the U.S. putting honest hardworking American business owners out of work thus weakening our economy giving the Canadian businesses a great opportunity to come south and steal all the wealth that America has earned.

America is a land of hardworking God fearing honest citizens. Canada is a country of swindlers, cheats, and liars. They seem to be bent on controlling the North American Continent and don't want to let anything stand in their way this includes the American people who won't stand for their oppression and control, but for unity, harmony, and respect between nations, things that the Canadians just won't have. If you are like me and want to keep our nation free of Canadian influences then write to Congress, shun them hate them. Above all however,
For they are the ones that are raping our culture and stealing the American way of life.