Together, we can feed the world Food scarcity Is a serious problem the world Is tackling right now. In the past decades they have been avoiding this issue, but now it may be the reason for the downfall of the human race. As a civilization we have failed to deal with all these environmental issues for example eroding soils, water tables, rising temperatures, etc. These issues lead to food production problems. Costs of food keep rising at the same time death rates rise.

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Everyday there are more and more low-income countries are affected by the rising food costs because of trade and grain prices. The prices of food keep Increasing because of different problems in the manufacturing of the food. Together, we must try to help scientist come up with solutions to save our only planet, before it's too late. The demand for food in US is growing more; Americans can't afford to lose food, it's too valuable. Getting food to houses in the US takes up to 10% of the US total energy budget uses of IIS land and takes 80%of freshwater consumed in US.

But stitches% of the food in US remains uneaten. People are throwing away $165 billion and 25% of freshwater and large amount of chemicals, energy and land away causing 25% of US methane emissions. Food saved by decreasing losses to can on their tables. The average American consumer wastes lox food as much as an average person In Southeast Asia, up since the sass. We need to change our supply operation, enhance market incentives, and increase public awareness and adjustments in consumer behavior. A way people can reduce food waste at home is impel; reduce, reuse and recycle.

Reduce consumerism when buying food that you don't actually need. Before buying products ask yourself If you can leave that behind and try a meal without It. Reuse Ingredients In other meals, or eat your leftovers. Recycle compost, the nutrients trot it will improve the soil. Bedroom illnesses are caused mostly when you eat food that contains damaging viruses, parasites and bacteria. After you digest the food, the germs grow and reproduce in your body, which causes an infection. Illnesses can be caused by food if they contain a poisonous toxin hat is produced by a microorganism growing in the food.

Viruses are small pathogens that reproduce inside a living cell. Some are transmitted from person to person and others are transmitted by food and water. A person can avoid viruses in food If It Is adequately cooked. Parasites are small animals that I've In the bodies of other animals. These can be found in food and water. If a person heats food correctly and filters water, they can avoid some parasites. Bacteria are a large group of small organisms found anywhere. We can avoid them by washing our hands, heating what e eat at appropriate temperatures. Leaning the kitchen and refrigerating our food To avoid bedroom illnesses overall a person should follow these next steps; keep ' Off cross-contamination, cook food to proper temperature, serve food that is meant to be hot, hot and serve food that is meant to be cold, cold, last but not least if the food seems rotten, don't eat it! There are more and more people each day on the planet; consequently demand for food production will grow. Scientists have been coming up with different solutions to increase food production. One of the many companies owing in that is Milliner.

They are trying to focus on finding other lands that smallholder farmers can use because most fertile agricultural lands are already in use. They are moving to places like Kenya, to grow tea. There they train smallholder farmers and help them find ways to increase their productivity. It's a win-win situation, because the farmers get more crops and the food harvesting productivity grows. Milliner is also working with cocoa farmers in West Africa and Ecuador. Since they partnered up with Rainforest's Alliance, farmers have been receiving better laity bearer thus getting higher productivity.

We have these problems and many more, but all of them have solutions. If the solutions haven't yet been discovered, we must come together and try to find them. This is our planet; our people and we have to save it. We created this mess, and we can fix it now, we can't afford to waste much time. Food scarcity is a serious problem, it's not Just people in low-income countries, it's more than that. It's farmers and their crops, foods with illnesses and even us in our home wasting food. We will feed the world, together.