Napalm's diverse and magnificent environment along with the country's hospitable and pleasant people has made her one of the major tourist destinations for world around. The diverse geology, climate, and biodiversity with in a short N-S length and variation n culture, tradition, built forms, and socio-economic pattern is a uniqueness of Nepal. One can experience scorching heat to freezing cold within 4-5 day trek, with a great natural and cultural variance, which is almost hard to get anywhere in any other part of the world as the climate here varies from Tropical to Arctic.

Globalization has narrowed the boundaries between countries and people's curiosity is dragging them here and there creating new from of social language, Tourism. Touring is a historic concept but it has not been half a century, it developed as industry and gained its pace to highly advanced state. Now, if we stare on present trend, tourism has been an essential part of local as well national economy. Countries like Switzerland, Thailand, Maldives, China, South Africa etc well known for tourism industry whose national economy rely in it.

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Dubbed has forecasted 2030 A. D (l)to be the time when its all oil resources exhaust. Thus, it has planned to make it world's prominent tourist destination by 201 5 and creating architectural oasis with tones and tones of money on constructing marvelous, iconic buildings like Burr Dubbed, Burial-Arab, Palm Island so that people all around fly there to enjoy the charm of modern architecture. Thailand is well known for mall tourism, where foreigner goes for shopping, tourist goes Switzerland for ski, Africa for wild safari and so on.

Nepal has also huge potential in this sector, as tourism is one of the major sources of foreign exchange earner for the country and accounts for more than 17. 11 % (2) of the total GAP. The potential Culture and Nature tourism, which needs no extra infrastructural investment like in sports tourism and the trend of tourism in Nepal is also what I have mentioned here. There are two forms of economic growth caused by tourism, one is local which is due to internal tourism, and other is national due to international tourism.

The current trend of internal tourism is so charming that few places like, Male in Adding, Shale Gaunt in Lamming, Chaplain in Katmandu are blooming due to internal tourism. But, at the same time if there is a point to upgrade the national economy, it has to be focused on international tourism where people around the world travel miles and spent thousands of dollars to feel the scenic and cultural beauty abroad. Planner and economist have realized that economy of Nepal can be flourished through tourism and with this fact, we are celebrating tourism year targeting to chive 1 million tourists by the end of 2011.

The number is high in terms of accommodation that is available in current situation, hence, it can be understood that to meet this target in 2011 or some years later, it is very necessary to create sufficient space with proper facilities. There are very less number of resorts as compared to hotels and lodges and so, resort tourism is not so flourished in Nepal. Resort can provide versatile functions and amenities and we are not being able to have masterpiece resort to advocate all the demands, though some attempts made so far are insufficient. . INTRODUCTION Resort is a place to spent holiday for relaxation and recreation so that, one can give dynamism to their leisure time. Oxford's dictionary defines resort as place that is frequented for holidays or recreation or for a particular purpose. One can go and swim in resort, can have lunch, can go Just to pass time, plan an overnight stay and lit campfire, artist can complete their portrait, novelist can finish novel, a poet can create his poem and tourist can have charming stay there.

A resort can function as a conference centre, as a meeting centre, as a banquette, as a restaurant, as a health lube and various other functions. A resort could be day serving and night serving, and it provides the cuisine service. According to the new definition, PA resort is a full-service lodging facility that provides access to or offers a range of amenities and recreation facilities to emphasize a leisure experience. Resorts serve as the primary provider of the guest's experience, often provide services for business and meetings, and are characteristically located in vacation-oriented settings' (3).

If we go through the history of resort, it dates back to Roman era where There serves multifunctional creation activity and most popular among this is Babe(4). There may be numerous form of resort like, - Sports Resort - Adventure Resort - Nature Resort - CEO Resort - Agro- Resort - Health Resort However, the purpose is same, that they all serve people and among them majority is foreign tourist. Resort being discussed here is self-contained one, and another form of resort could be resort town where facilities are dispersed with in a small town or area.

So, if we go through the structural formation of resort then there are two types of resort; 1 . Self contained of integrated resort A modern form of resort where one can have all the resort facilities within a boundary. All the functions are incorporated but the scope of resort may vary as we have discussed above, like a resort focusing on sports may not concern in health facilities, like wise wildlife safari resort may not pays attention to mountaineering. But, it is true that resort is self contained units, where it is possible to have as much facilities as a dweller needs.

There are very few amount of self-contained resort in Nepal, thus, this project will focus on designing full self-contained resort. 2. Resort town: It is often understood as a traditional form of resort but this type carries essence of resort where functions and facilities are scattered in a small town, which focuses on tourism as its primary occupation. For example, Shale Gaunt, Ghanaian etc are resort town. A resort town may be self developed like Hellman in Psychoanalytic, Menace in Columbus or may be planned which is not found in Nepal.

Resort can be classified into several categories and have guidelines to rate them, but according to service provided by them, it could be day resort with recreational facilities like, spa, ports, sauna, health and cuisine facilities with several restaurant, bars, and various other amenities. Other resort is that which provides lodging facilities with all necessary service requirements. There is a guideline stated by Centre for Resort and Hospitality Business(S) for resorts having lodging facility.

This sort of resort shall, Provide one signature amenity or anchor attribute Provide five secondary recreation/leisure/entertainment experiences Provide one full- service food & beverage outlet Bed-base must include short-term or overnight lodging Minimum of 25 rooms or other accommodations (exception to minimum for repertories with two signature amenity/anchor attributes) Emphasize a leisure or retreat-environment experience The definition of few terms states above, Signature Amenities: Signature amenities are amenities, attractions, and geographically significant attributes that a resort requires to provide in order to be considered as a resort. These include, for example: golf, ski/mountain, beach/ocean, lakeside, casino/gaming, all-inclusiveness, spa/health/wellness, marina, tennis, and Water Park. For property-generated or fabricated amenities, they need to be considered full-service to be a signature amenity.

Anchor Attribute: It is minimum number of amenities that a resort should provide in addition to lodging and cuisine facility. The minimum number of amenity is five, below this number; it is no more resort. Among various facilities like Health, Gymnasium, Sports, Library, Museum, Swimming pool, Educational, Dude ranch, Casino, Discotheque etc, it should have minimum of five. A mixture of various amenities, majestic hospitality, fantastic built structures and creative landscapes will create illustrative resort. After Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenting Norway Sharpe conquered the Everest peak in 953, mountain tourism rose aloft, and its pace has not slowed yet until today.

Formal tourism developed in Nepal since two of these climbers dig the victory flag in the top of Everest, thus, early sass is the era of tourism development in Nepal. The inflow if international visitors pointed the necessity of accommodation and other utilities facilitating them and so, the development of hotels and resorts started and if we look upon the current numbers, there are all together 257(6). Tourist hotels and resort with rated standard. Hotels and resort for different purpose and the target roof is also different but at the same time, they perform similar functions to some extent. Both are the units of tourism sector and primary service client is tourist. Tourists are the people who travel for recreational, leisure or business purpose.

According to world tourism organization, tourist are the people who travels to and stay in places outside their usual environment for not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes. Nepal has short history of receiving formal tourist and it has not been more than half a century. There is three major purpose of tourism, For pleasure: Pleasure means to enjoy, relax, and have satisfaction from the leisure time that is acquired through spending the money. People coming for holiday, trekking, mountaineering, rafting, and adventure are form of pleasure tourism. For business: People coming for pure official or business work falls in this category. But we should note that, these tourists also requires proper accommodation, cuisine, and facilities along with pleasing hospitality.