Wooden or sheet metal enclosure. ; Black paint, used for barbeques pits. ; Insulation (the white foam kind Is fine). ; Black tray that can absorb heat. ; Reflective material like aluminum foil. ; Sheet of glass. ; Glue (silicon sealant or similar weather-resistant material). ; Catch trough and container for purified water 1 . Paint the exterior of the wooden or sheet metal enclosure black to enhance absorption. 2. Install the reflective surface at the back and side walls of the enclosure and glue he insulation to the bottom. . Put a tray of contaminated water inside the enclosure and place the glass on top. 4. Arranged the catch trough at the bottom of the glass, angled downward to a container (like a plastic Jug) to collect the purified water. 5. Aim the contraption toward the sun. MEMBERS: ; Tulane, Roadie Glenn, R. ; Cornelia, Jamming, V. ; Nay, Denies, C. ; Moratoria, Michelle Mae, Q. ; Garcia, gristlier ret, L. Mesopotamia- mussing nag sauna-unchain Uzbekistan as Kangaroo Says, nag Summer.

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